The 4 Foundations of a Successful Marketing Campaign


Successful marketing campaigns sell a lot of product, or move people into action.  While messaging and graphics are all over the spectrum from amusing to powerful, these campaigns usually cover the four basic foundations for success.

4 foundations

They trust. If the consumer doesn’t trust the brand or the fact that the company can deliver on its promise, the campaign will fail.

They respect. Guilt and shame don’t compel people into action. Treat your audience with respect and they will respond. Talk down to them and they will ignore you.

They are relevant. Even the right message to the right  people at the wrong time will not bring results. Make sure you answer the bottom line question we all ask when faced with an ad: “Why should I bother?”

They compel. Make the case for you. Even after you have covered the “why should I bother?” question, you still have another important question to answer, “why you and not someone else?” That is your value proposition. It might be price, convenience, or even something as simple as “because we are fun.”

What’s your favorite ad campaign of recent memory?

  • Maurilio, some of my favorites have been:

    1.) The new Weight Watchers commercials with Charles Barkley.

    2.) Watching Steve Jobs promote the iphone.

    3.) The trailer for Les Miserables.

    Great stuff! They embrace all the principles you mentioned.

  • Christina Cruz SEO

    Thank you for the great article. These 4 things are extremely important and effective. Especially when used properly.

  • I was really impressed by the dollar’s shave club video ( 

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