Before Creating an App, You Need a Mobile Strategy


Many of my current conversations start with “we need our own app.” I usually answer this question with one of my own, “why do you think you need an app?” The usual answer is something similar to what junior high boys give their parents when they want a new game console: “All the cool kids have one.” But before you try to keep up with the cool, rich kids of technology, I would suggest you take a step back and think about creating a mobile strategy first.

mobile devices and strategy

Much like creating marketing pieces without an integrated marketing campaign is not a smart idea, creating apps without first designing a mobile strategy is not a good move. Sometimes your best app is not an app at all, but a killer mobile version of your site.

Recently, Google put out some good thinking on mobile strategies. Following are 4 questions you should consider when crafting your mobile strategy:

How does mobile change our value proposition? Define your value proposition by determining what your consumer wants to do with your business in mobile then benchmark against others in your industry for ideas.

Is our organization adapting to mobile? Assign a mobile champion in your company and empower them with a cross- functional task force.

How should our marketing adapt to mobile? What is the experience like for a consumer trying to find you and connect with you? Take 5 minutes today and search for your brand in mobile as a consumer would. Discuss the result with your team.

How can we connect with our tablet audience? Check out your web experience on a tablet. Take 5 minutes today and search for your brand on a tablet as a consumer would. Maximize the tablet format with rich media creative.

How much thinking has your organization done on your mobile strategy?

  • Mark Ousley

    Thanks for the information.  Good stuff.

  • I feel as though releasing a mobile app without a comprehensive and long-term mobile strategy is dangerous. 

    First impressions are very important on mobile apps – low star reviews don’t easily disappear. Repacking your website in a app shell doesn’t help. The company I’m working for has taken a bit of a slow route in regards to apps, but I think in the long term its the right decision: thinking it through and aggressively executing the correct strategy.

    • “low star reviews don’t easily disappear.” Great point, Michael.

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