Work that Makes a Difference


I love the fact that what I do for a living matters.  I could make more money if the core of my business served more corporate clients instead of not-for-profits, churches, authors, and Christian publishers. But I know I wouldn’t be any more fulfilled than I am today.

Walking side by side with men and women who have given their entire lives to serve others has been humbling and yet so rewarding. As I spend time in Europe with people who have given their lives to bring hope to the often called “dark continent,” I’m reminded that what I do and what my team does is making a difference.

My prayer today is that you’ll look for ways to live out your dreams and find the courage to seize the moment when opportunity presents itself.

If you were able to chose any profession or line of work you want, what would you be doing today?

  • Robert Blackburn, Jr.

    Working at a non-profit or para-ministry in orphan are, child advocacy, or disaster relief. Or, working in an organization like yours that serves those who serve (like those listed in my first phrase).

  • I would be writing iPhone/iPad apps that 
    help their intended audiences be better at the work they’re doing to make a difference, AND each one would have a targeted “least of these” goal, such as financing the drilling of a fresh-water well, or providing other basic necessities and medical aid.  

  • Gonnabepre

    I would work for “The A Group.”  I say that to be funny, but truthfully I’ve always wanted to get into consulting of some kind.  I enjoy meeting people and I enjoy marketing and technology.  Consultants today, or at least the ones I know, work for for-profit organizations.  I see so many churches that are in real need of consulting on several levels and they can afford consulting/services.

  • I would be working with Ignite full time, producing more resources and helping to start more groups at colleges and high schools around the world, especially within Europe.

  • Executive Pastor…

  • That’s a powerful question. For me, it is powerful because it reaffirms the vocational choice I made years ago. 

    If I could choose anything, I would choose pastoral ministry–which is what I am now doing.

  • That’s so awesome that you get to be part of such a solid organization and part of the greater work around the world. I’m working toward that.

    I’d like to work for a church or major non-profit eventually.

  • Ginger

    If I coudl find someone to pay me full time to serve and minister to those who lead churches – ministers, elders, etc. – I think would be amazing.

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