Why You Should Start a Business During Down Times


On a recent flight, I sat next to a man who had just started a new business. Unless you’re in Brazil, India, or China, starting a business anywhere else in the world at this moment is a difficult proposition. The recession has not subsided and economic indicators are all over the place. My new friend, Mike, is creating incentive management software for auto sellers. Nissan is his first client. What a way to get started by landing a big fish…no, landing a whale. But then I thought about when I started my own business and decided that this is a perfect time to start a new venture.


I started The A Group ten years ago this past November, a couple of months after 9/11.  I have learned big shifts in the economy, such as our current recession, create openings in opportunity because it often changes the rules of the game.

Businesses, ministries, and churches don’t make major changes when things are going well. But when the rules change and  fat margins are gone, or speed is of the essence, the usual players often can’t make the change fast or cheap enough to be competitive. If you can figure out where the opportunities are and how to do what the big guys were doing but faster, cheaper, or in a new way, then it’s time to break free and seize the moment.

If you have an entrepreneurial heart, this could be your chance to zig while others zag, to sprint while the bloated old guys crawl as they pay for a study to analyze the market conditions and give them enough data to put a matrix team together to discuss the viability of . . . you get my point.

What business or ministry opportunities do you see that have been created by the recession?

  • greaternater

    started a church in 2004. Not easy, but God put us in the right place at the
    right time.

    I think the main reason for starting something new during hard
    times is so that you are not just waiting hoping and wishing when you could be
    trying and doing.  Maybe it’s just Good psychology.

  • I started my graphic design / brand consultation business last year and it’s been growing. I’ve been focusing on providing services to those who can’t afford the big name designers or agencies, but still want something professional and excellent. I’ve definitely seeing more growth than I expected!

  • One of the key businesses in this economy is providing development strategies to cities and school districts. They need help in securing State, Federal and private funding. Basically, grant writing, strategic planning and managing inter-agency agreements.

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