Easter Sunday and the Return of the White Pants


What should I wear for Easter Sunday? If you happen to be living in the South or Southwest of the US, that’s a question a lot of guys ask this time of the year. More than any other weekend, Easter Sunday brings out boldness in even the most fashion-timid of guys. And nothing says spring more elegantly than white pants.

For several years the white pants have been in a status of hiatus, relegated to tropical islands and part of the esoteric “resort wear.” But lately they are making a come-back. Lacoste, Dolce and Gabbana, and Gucci have all featured white pants in their 2011 spring and summer collections. Gucci and Guess have great looking white jeans versions. But wearing white pants come with responsibilities and warnings.

  1. No Pleats.  Don’t pull out your 1985 college edition of the white pants.
  2. Right fitting. Dark colors can look ok if they are a bit tight. White pants don’t. You don’t want people seeing your “business” in church. For the love of all that’s good, don’t wear white pants that are too tight. When in doubt, ask a friend.
  3. Belt awareness. White calls attention to itself the same way black blends things together. White pants will scream at people, “hey look at me!” You’ll need a good looking belt to balance and help focus people’s attention from your crotch.
  4. Proper underwear. This is no time to wear you Valentine’s undies with red hearts. Unless you’re wearing white jeans, these pants show through so do yourself and the rest of us who are going to be looking at you a favor and wear a solid white pair of, must I say, clean underwear. Your mom will be proud. The rest of the world will thank you.
White pants flip flops men

Resort wear with flip flops work in the most casual of environments.

white pants purplesocks

For the fashion-aggressive the purple socks add even more drama--as if the white pants weren't enough.

Lacoste white pants

You can pair white with a dark more formal top. Suddenly your winter coat becomes a Spring option. Notice the canvas shoes and no socks.


White jeans with a bold belt are back strong this season.

What do you think of the return of the white pants to mainstream fashion?

  • Marc Jeffries

    I’m glad the white pants are back. I have wanted to wear one for a few years now but I haven’t seen many guys wearing them. I’m getting one today!

  • Sally Epps

    My husband needs to do something different. I’m forwarding him this post. Thanks Maurilio

  • The jeans are my favorite. Do the purple socks make it ok that the pants are so short? Also, if you wear the top outfit on Sunday, you must post a pic. Finally, you know Jesus could have spun a snazzy parable about you and your white pants, crotch counsel, and secret shopping churches. Not sure what the moral would be, but it would make a great story. :)nnMay the joy of the Resurrection thoroughly slay you, whatever you wear.

    • Shelia, short pants are back in vogue. Remember the 80’s where they didn’t break at the shoes? Well, it’s making a come back. As you can see by my posts, I’m a simple, complicated, practical, shallow, deep, individual. While I know Jesus looks in the heart, people don’t. They look at your white pants and wondered how your wife let you out of the house wearing them. So, I try to help.

  • Bwilliamsdesign

    For the love of all that is holy…I say do not dress like any of those guys. It is not of god.

    • Billy, I’m glad you decided not to wear the white pants. Let’s just say it’s not for everyone.

  • Okay here I am again Maurillio! I’m the old guy who is fashion challenged. I 6′ 2″ tall and weigh 223 pounds so a bit overweight. Okay should go on a diet! When I think of anything white I think of my high school football coach who loved it when we played home games because we were dressed in white because it makes you look bigger. So I’m thinking I should get down to around 190 pounds before I buy a pair. That would be a good August goal! White pants by the end of August.nSo what do you think? White pants at the end of the summer, not right now and definitely not on Easter Sunday.nThank you for your help!nBlessings,nDave

    • Dave, if you’re tall, white pants will look ok even if you’re carrying extra weight as long as you wear with a darker top. Most guys carry their excess weight in their upper body. If you’re the exception and have more “junk in your trunk” than most, then I’d say wait until you lose the weight. If not, then go for it.

  • I’m surprised by how much I like the examples you’ve shown. I may go Easter shopping tomorrow.

    • Did you end up wearing white?

      • My domestic style consultant issued a strong caution (veto?) concerning white. I went with beige. nnI did see lots of white at Macy’s, but no jeans. If I can find a pair, I may try that when we get into summer.

  • In order of personal preference, I rank these looks as follows: No. No. No. No. But I am smiling when I think of church guys I know sporting these looks…

    • Lori, you were around during the Miami Vice days. Come on!

  • David DeGarmo

    Great insight, Maurilio! And thanks for the appropriate warnings. I actually busted out the whites last Easter and I plan to repeat this year. Silk khakis for Good Friday services, seersucker for Saturday night services, and whites and linen for Easter Sunday!

    • Saw you rocking the seersucker last night. Way to go, David. n

  • I may have to join Lawrence now and buy some. Though white for me typically comes with signs all over it that say “spill that coffee here”, “If you’re ketchup, you could be home right now” etc. nnDo they sell them with those plastic covers our grandparents use to put over their furniture??

    • Wear them proudly and stay away from the coffee station, small children and, well, your own children.

  • Jennifer

    Happy white pants are back but with Easter so late the “white pants” season has been drastically shortened. Here in the north we have additional challenges for white pants: ten inches of snow four days before Easter.

    • It’s that crazy global warming now ruining Spring fashion for all of us. 🙂

  • Bert Thomson

    I think white pants are ok if they are a more jean/casual look. It takes a certain persona and certain style to wear white pants with a suit jacket as in the example. The last example is the best place to start in my opinion. And I agree the belt must be chosen wisely.

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