You Cannot Tweak Your Way into Effectiveness


I have been guilty of trying to tweak something that needed a major overhaul. After a lot of effort and resources making minor adjustments here and there, I usually end up with slightly more effective and yet still unsatisfactory results. Yes there might be some change, even some forward progress, but not enough to make a difference.

minor tweak and adjustment

I don’t know your circumstances, but I’m almost certain that there’s an area of your life, your business, or ministry that is in desperate need of a complete overhaul right now and all you are doing are minor tweaks. I understand the fear of the disruption a bold course of action might cause. I get the fact that the consequences of a difficult move might be more than you have bargain for. They usually are.

I also know that when we fail to do the difficult thing, we fail, period. If I have learned anything in life is that “tweaking” something that’s not working is an expensive game that can costs us our health, our relationships and even our business. It’s choosing the appearance of leadership instead of paying the price true leadership. But with it comes resolution, forward momentum, a new lease on life, a different future.

What ares of your life are you tweaking into failure? What needs an overhaul?

  • Mark Jeffress

    I have been playing with the idea of getting in better shape, but have made a very weak effort to do it. I cannot just tweak what I’m doing. I need to do what you say here: an overhaul. 

    • I hope you take action, Mark and get the results you’re looking for. 

    • My answer is similar to Mark’s. I’ve tweaked my lifestyle a bit to be more healthy, but haven’t made the full step into getting serious about being healthy. I’ve gone in waves instead of being consistent. Time to change that.

  • Maurilio,

    Do you mind giving some concrete examples of what that looks like, and what experiences that you have overhauling something in your life? Maybe a tactical plan of how it would look?

    Thanks and great post!

  • I think a reluctance to do this often comes down to pride.
    Making minor tweaks is essentially saying that what you’re doing is working pretty well, but you just need some small changes to keep everything current.
    A major overhaul forces you to painfully admit that the way you were doing it wasn’t working. This can make you feel like a failure.
    But ultimately, I think everyone can respect tough decisions like this. Choosing what’s best for our teams and not for our egos will end up making us the most successful in the long run.

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