Manscaping: A Man’s Basic Grooming


Some men think grooming is optional. Others feel it’s less masculine to be well groomed . But a well-groomed man always looks better than his frumpy, sloppier counterpart.  “Manscaping” has been a term used to describe the grooming/hygiene habits of human males. Even the most unattractive guy can look his very best by taking care of the basics.  Here’s how you can best present yourself without having to spend money on fancy, expensive clothing.

men's grooming guide

a multi-head grooming kit is a must for most men.

Nose, ear, neck, hair is not attractive to most people in the western hemisphere. I don’t make any claims on some indigenous group of Papa New Guinea, but most people don’t want to see your nose, ear, or neck hair.  And while you’re at it, look on top of your nose, yes, on top. I’ve seen guys with long hairs growing out from the tip of their noses. Not attractive. At all.

When you look in the mirror, you should see two eyebrows. Also take a look and make sure there are not long, rogue hairs growing out of your brow. Trim them with clippers or cut them back.  While you might not see them until the next time you look in the mirror, the rest of us are looking at them all day long. Do it for us. Do it for the children.

Cut your fingernails and toe nails. Unless you’re a guitar picker, men have no business having long fingernails. And if for some unnatural reason you want to keep them long, make sure you keep them clean. No one wants to see you cruddy fingernails.

Men, we have a tendency to neglect our toe nails to the point of embarrassment. Un-kept nasty toenails didn’t look good on Shrek and they certainly don’t look good on you. And if you need professional help to get your toes ready flip flops, get a pedicure and make sure you tip the poor soul that works on you.

It amazes me to see grown men finish a hard, sweaty workout and put on deodorant, change back into their business clothing and head back to the office. Axe body spray does not clean, it just masks the offensive odor with other obnoxious smells that, I assure you, no woman finds pleasant, no matter what the commercial says. Even when you cannot smell yourself, the rest of us can. And we do. The French have tried to make a science of masking their odor with powerful colognes. But if you have ever found yourself in a Paris subway at rush hour, you know that they’ve failed. Miserably. This is not France. For cleanness sake man, take a quick shower.

What other manscaping tip I should have included?

  • Gsample98

    What’s up with all the chest shaving these days?  I can understand it if you’ve got a carpet on front, or if you’re back is covered it fur, but I don’t get all the clean shaven man boobs.

    • Some guys don’t want the man boobs or moobs covered in gray hair.

  • Rick Perez

    hahaha…sorry i just know too many men like this

  • Anonymous

    If bald on top (like me), keep the some shaved and well shaped.

    When shaving, do your best to keep your sideburns even.

    Brush AND floss your teeth often. A man who brushes his teeth at work after lunch is wise, not quirky.

    Clean your watch and other jewelry. Women do this regularly. Jewelry stores at the mall can help. The next time you go shopping, get your jewelry cleaned.

    Maurilio, what is your opinion of a hairy man’s largest problem area. His back. To wax or not to wax?

    • The back waxing is up to you. It’s a good idea to do it before you go to the beach or if you’re exercising without a shirt. Some guys opt to trim their hair and not completely shave or wax it. 

  • Christian

    Fellow dudes, for the love of all that is holy, please brush and floss regularly. Contrary to modern belief, your “grill” should not actually replicate the grill on your car. Looking like you just rolled your Big Wheel through a swarm of gnats with your mouth open is not sexy.

    For those of us who are lazy, this habit helps us kill two birds with one stone. Not only does it help brighten our smile, but it also prevents us from nauseating those we speak to. Last I checked, Halitosisville has a population of 1.    

  • Gsample98

    I will embrace my gray hair when it shows up – whether ’tis on my head on on my chest.  Better for it to turn gray than turn loose.

  • Use a daily facial cleanser (I really like but feel free to experiment… I still do) instead of the bar of soap you use to wash your unmentionables.  Also, moisturize after washing using a multi purpose body lotion (I like  It keeps your skin healthy, smooth and touchably soft.  Back to the bar of soap, please throw that pubic hair encrusted bar away and buy a nice body wash.  I like the Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash collection and use the corresponding deodorant to keep scent in sync.  I use it with a loofah, which really helps scrub away dead skin and grime that settles into the pores and crevices on my body. 

    Even though it has been mentioned twice already, FLOSS BRUSH MOUTHWASH!  Do this at least twice a day (before bed and right after breakfast).  If
    you can’t brush at work then at least swish some water in your mouth
    after lunch (or coffee) and chew a piece of sugar free gum (I like
    Trident original flavor myself).  Being a gay man, I can’t even begin to tell you how terrible it is to kiss a hot guy and come away chewing on a piece of his dinner.  I assume woman feel the same way about this so please treat your mouth right if you want a second date.

    • Great tips, Dom. I also find that going to a sauna regularly helps my skin to stay clean and bump-free. But when I do, moisturizing is a must or else it dries out very quickly.

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