Austrian Traditional Jacket Migrates to Tennessee


While in Vienna last week, I couldn’t help notice the traditional Austrian Loden jacket, sometimes called a tracht coat. It’s popular in Bavaria and Austria and has been around for centuries. The coat is often made of wool, where the fibers are boiled than pressed and become water repellent called Loden wool. These days it is blended with alpaca, mohair, camel or cashmere. Loden is traditionally of dark green color with a laid down and pressed pile finish.

I really liked the six buttons on the front and the streamlined collar, or, as some refer to it, “collarless.” I went ahead and bought one for the Fall. I chose the traditional navy Loden wool and cashmere with brass buttons–a thing of beauty if I say so myself.  I hate to have to wait several months before I get to wear mine, but since these jackets have been around for hundreds of years, I’m not worried they will become unfashionable anytime soon.

Austrian Traditional Jacket

I like the coat, but I'm not sure I'm ready for "saffron" as a color option

With all these buttons the ettique is to button only buttons 3,4,5

Loden coat with vest

Love the jacket. The vest, not so much. Too many buttons. I cannot imagine going through airport security trying to take that vest off because of the brass buttons.

leather Austrian coat

They now come in different materials. Here in leather.

What’s your take on the Austrian jacket?

  • Yes, but you’re not in Austria (a place I wanted to live when I was in high school) you’ll be in Tennessee. As much as I like it and might even buy one if I were in Vienna, you will probably stand out. But sometimes that’s good. So it may work for you Maurilio. nLooks like I’m conflicted doesn’t it!?! Let us know in the fall how it’s going when you get feedback on the jacket.nBlessings,nDave

    • Dave, my take is always the same: if you can’t wear it proudly and confidently, don’t buy it.

  • I lived in Austria for 6 years and often admired these Jackets for their streamlined clean look. As an expatriate, I was never sure if it would be appropriate for me to wear one, and not being fashion adventurous at the time, I never bought one. I like the look and wish I had one now.

    • You know the store and you have friends in Vienna. Get them to send you one.

  • Maurilio,nFabulous that you brought one of these home to TN. At Christmas in the Alps in Austria, it seemed every man wore one, especially to church. Combined with a traditional Alpine hat and lederhosen, you’d be runway ready! But a Western shirt under the jacket would complete the migration of Austrian fashion to Tennessee. I love the Austrian traditional styles–this jacket is something to wear, and keep, and pass on as an heirloom. Thanks for sharing!n-Jennifer

    • I’m not sure about the Alpine hat and lederhosen, but by the look of some of the legs I saw in Vienna, mine would actually look ok.

  • Anonymous

    I love it, but I feel it’s like ‘skinny jeans’. You are built to wear it. But beer belly men need to stay away from this.

  • Christian

    Yes, I second the notion for you to complete the look with a traditional Alpine hat and lederhosen. It would serve to add authenticity and genuine Austrian flavor for whenever you spontaneously burst out in your special musical rendition of “the Sound of Music.” I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your version of “You are 16 going on 17,” just isn’t as convincing when you wear skinny jeans and ostrich skin cowboy boots.

    • You always know just what to say. I must say you have the spiritual gift of ridicule.

  • Steve Allen

    I love the jacket. I am going to acquire one this week. Tennessee will then have a new fashion in development.

  • timeless style… i’m heading for e-bay now !

  • Great! Yet another thing for me to add to my “Covet List”.nn…and I beg to differ on the beer belly issue. I say guys wear a tube top underneath the jacket. It’s the new sexy!

  • Every time I see these coats all I can think about is Captain Von Trap from the Sound of Music. That being said, I’d wear one w/ a sweater like the last photo.

  • Chase

    I love those jackets, about the only mandarin collar I care for. Beautiful stuff.

  • Pete

    I like the leather one.

  • Johnna Bigelow

    Wasn’t this the jacket the Captain wore in “The Sound of Music” ? I think if you sing “Edleweiss” anytime you wear it, you’d be a huge hit! 😉

    • It was. I should sing it here since the Austrians are not fans of the movie.

  • LLibby

    This will definitely broaden out the Brazilian scope of fashion. An Austrian german vocabulary is a must to go with the coat.

    • Unfortunately my Austrian/German vocabulary is limited to mostly “nein!” 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I like the leather one…it could be very versatile

  • I was thinking this is a style trend that I could actually get in on the front of … but then you mentioned that it’s been around for hundreds of years. I like it. Let me know when you start importing.

  • Moshe Leadbetter

    And there is of course the astonishing socio-political affinities between Tennessee and Austria. The only sound of music that comes to my mind is the Blues.

  • robert stolz

    Austrian Loden coats and jackets are timeless classics. I’m an expat in Austria and love wearing them so much, I started a company to design and import a special collection of such pieces. Check us out!

  • Western Wear

    Embrace the fusion of cultures as the Austrian Traditional Jacket migrates to Tennessee, adding a touch of European charm to Rodeo Outfits.

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