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Austrian Traditional Jacket Migrates to Tennessee

While in Vienna last week, I couldn’t help notice the traditional Austrian Loden jacket, sometimes called a tracht coat. It’s popular in Bavaria and Austria and has been around for centuries. The coat is often made of wool, where the fibers are boiled than pressed and become water repellent called Loden wool. These days it is blended with alpaca, mohair, camel or cashmere. Loden is traditionally of dark green color with a laid down and pressed pile finish. I really liked the six buttons on the front and the streamlined collar, or, as some refer to it, “collarless.” I went ahead and bought one for the Fall. I chose the traditional navy Loden wool and cashmere with brass buttons–a thing of beauty if I say so myself.  I hate to have to wait several months before I get to wear mine, but since these jackets have been around for hundreds…

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A Survival Lesson from a 108 Year Old Retailer

Retail is a tough business these days. Mega stores are shutting down mom & pop operations all over the world. Saturday afternoon I visited a clothing store downtown Vienna that has been in business under the same family ownership for the past 108 years. That’s staying power. It has endured two world wars, bombings, fires, the great depression and numerous other challenges that I can’t even begin to imagine. As I compare my experience of buying a traditional Austrian coat at Loden-Plankl with my previous week’s shopping attempt in Vienna in which I blogged about here, there are obvious differences that I am certain have contributed to their century-long staying power. Unique Merchandise. Loden-Plankl sells primarily traditional Austrian clothing. While it might not be the “it” thing to wear, their apparel is never out of style ( I thought the multi-button collarless sports coat was a very stylish, thus my…

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Vienna Needs a New Retail Strategy

I have been in Vienna for a couple of days now and while my body is getting used to the 6-hour time change, my mind still struggles with some of the mindset that’s very unlike my own. I’m going to refrain from labeling my sensitivities as American/Brazilian, but I’m sure they have foundations on both cultures. One facet of the Viennese culture I’m having a hard time accepting is the retailers attitude toward consumers. Those of you who know me personally, know I actually enjoy shopping.   Yesterday I went to no less than a dozen stores, both bargain as well as high end. Throughout the entire day, not once a store clerk approached me and offered to help or even the simple, “let me know if I can help you with anything.”  Sometimes workers stood right next to me stocking shelves, other times they stood at their post next…

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Vienna: I Barely Knew You

Last month I spent a few days in Vienna, Austria working with the TWR’s European team. While I didn’t have a chance to enjoy much of what has to offer, I put together a quick slide show of pics I took with my iPhone. The music comes from Vienna’s own Mozart, of course. I now want to get back to Vienna to explore more of this beautiful city. Where have you been that you’ve said to yourself, “I’ve got to get back here!”?

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