A Miraculous Easter Sunday


I think it was Bill Hybels who said that “The Church is still the hope of the world”–not in a means unto itself, but as the messenger and conduit in which God uses it to reach out to those outside the faith and bring them into communion with Himself and with His people. Late Saturday my friend and client, Sal Sberna sent me a picture of his Easter service rehearsal. He gave me a challenge: why not text some of your clients and ask them to send you phone pics of their Easter services and share them with your team on Monday?

As the pictures and reports of what God had done in many of these services came through my phone on Sunday, I felt compelled to share them not only with my team but with you as well. These pictures reflect literally hundreds of thousands of people who attended a service over the past weekend. Several thousands (over 4 thousand in one church alone!) have come to faith in Christ because these houses of hope reached out to them with the good news of the gospel. I’m so thankful to walk alongside men and women who are making such an incredible difference.

Church of the King Easter 2011

Church of the King, New Orleans LA

The MEt Church Houston Easter 2011

The Met, Houston TX

Cross Point Easter 2011

Cross Point, Nashville TN

Seacoast Easter 2011

Seacoast Church, Charleston SC

Biltmore Easter 2011

Biltmore Baptist, Asheville NC

Living Word Ministries Easter 2011

Living Word Church, New Haven CT

First Baptist Church Jacksonville

First Baptist Church, Jacksonville FL

Cross Church Easter 2011

Cross Church, NW Arkansas

Igreja Familiar First Baptist W Palm Springs

La Iglesia Familiar/ First Baptist Church, West Palm Beach FL

The People's Church Easter 2011

The People’s Church, Franklin TN
Church of the Highlands Easter 2011

Church of the Highlands, Birmingham AL

How was your Easter service?

  • It was awesome! We rented out the Majestic Theater all weekend, which is right next to the place we normally rent out. One of our biggest attendance weekends. Great worship and message. Bunch of people gave their hearts to Christ. I attached a pic (from our good Friday service…only pic I have right now)

  • We had a great Easter service! We had a record high attendance and a wonderful spirit in our worship service. It was great to see an increase in our Hispanic population–we had two men saved in a Spanish/English service last week–and a good response to our publicity campaign. nnThanks for sharing these photos from your clients. It’s exciting to see what a little faith and imagination can do! (With good support from the A Team, of course!)

    • Glad to hear God is blessing your ministry. Proud to be your friend.

  • Dean Deguara

    1500 adults in attendance, 30+ salvations. I’m curious how all these churches have people respond for salvation. Blown away by the numbers I’m seeing, I’m thinking we should have had a better response and we had a great altar call.

    • Each church has its way of doing a response. Some will ask people to come forward, some will ask people to stand or raise their hands, some will lead people through a prayer and ask those who prayed for the first time to fill out a guest card.

  • Ours was just an amazing experience. We had two services Saturday evening and three on Sunday morning. The 4:30 service on Saturday was the largest of the five with 961 in attendance. We opened a video cafe (thought we would only need to do that on Sunday).nOur theme was Aftershock. We talked about how the disciples came around after loosing their hope in Christ. Then we featured people in our church who had gone through rough times (homelessness, victims of crimes, illness, etc.) and how they had found hope in the risen Christ. Our adult attendance for the weekend was 3100+ people. We are still waiting for the children’s count.nI’m going to try and attach a picture of our worship gathering as we were singing the last song of the service.nBlessings,nDave

    • Great pic! Thanks for sharing, and Amen! I love hearing how God is using churches to reach hurting people.

  • You didn’t text me to include Life Changers Church! LOL It was spectacular & we had a packed house. (I’ve posted pics on Twitter/FB to share w/the world how precious it is to see people gather to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection. So many salvations…so powerful and moving. My fave service of year. God B less!

    • Yeah. Another awesome Easter story. You can ad your pic here as well. It’ll be part of the blog history.

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