Say Yes to the Prompting


Yesterday afternoon I was running errands and felt led to call a friend I hadn’t connected with in a few weeks and gave him a call. My message was short: “hey, I’m thinking of you. I hope you’re well.” Not long afterward I get a text message saying he was dealing with a family crisis, which he assumed I had heard about. I had not. I was just following the prompting to reach out to a friend and and say hi.”It must have been the Lord” he texted me later about my overture. My mind went immediate to the times that I had the same prompting but did nothing.

I’m probably not alone in this. Throughout the day, we think about people whom we haven’t seen or heard in a while, or even those who are closest to us, and, most of the time, we just keep moving to our next task or appointment. After all we are very busy people with a lot of responsibilities and a long to-do list. But let me challenge you to listen to these promptings instead of ignoring them. Consider that God can use something as trivial as a few characters on a text message to encourage someone in the midst of their need.

Not long ago a friend sent me an encouraging message at the end of a particularly difficult day.  It was enough to bring a smile to my face and get me in a different frame of mind. So today as you think of someone, don’t waste an opportunity to bless them. They might be needing to hear from a friend more than you ever realize.

As you read this post, who has come to your mind?

  • Cindy Williams

    This has spoken to me. I need to call a friend I have been thinking about a few days.

  • Brett Davis

    I need to call my brother. He’s going through a tough time and I need to keep reaching out to him.

  • Several people have come to mind. Thank you for the reminder to never dismiss those promptings from God!

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  • Matt

    I need to call my brother. He’s going through a tough time and I need to keep reaching out to him.

    • Some people are the most difficult when they need help but always appreciate the attention.

  • JBH

    This made me think of Laura Bush's new biography and all of the very transparent regrets she includes. Basically things she wish she would have taken the time to say or do involving her own family or others. It's very honest and instructive. Several people came to mind as I was reading her book this weekend, and as I read your blog. It also made me think that when we are transparent enough to write about our mistakes, our regrets, people connect. I remember writing a column about regrets shortly after my mother died and a women immediately responded and told me she felt the same way. Others followed. It helped them to relate to me and express to me their regrets. It also helped comfort me and remind me to do better when I can.


    • Somehow people identify with our mistakes more than with our successes. Thanks for your input.

  • rachhillis

    Thanks for this reminder. I need to pay more attention to these promptings. Checked on a friend just now.

  • lindseygilstrap

    I had a dear friend come to mind that I have been meaning to call for a few months now! I am ashamed that I have not taken the time to stop and do it. Thanks so much for reminding me of how God can use us in this way when we are receptive and obey.

  • Jesse Koepke

    Thanks for this post, Maurilio. I always need a good reminder to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. It's so simply, and yet so often slips my mind.

  • kcroy

    Brilliant! Thank you for this great post. I found this awesome blog thanks to Michael Hyatt's re-Tweet. I've always wondered why I think of others when I do, and this makes awesome sense. I will try to act on it more often.

  • Everyone 🙂
    But I actually did this the other day. A random friend (that I only know from twitter) came to mind and I shot him a text just telling him I was thinking and praying for him and his wife.
    For a while I always denounced this as not a big deal that i follow through on these promptings. That they were fine and I was probably being paranoid. But I have noticed exactly what you are talking about…that prompting being an encouragement to something they are facing or dealing with. I know I can always use encouragement and have received it from friends when I need it.

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