Your Unexpected Christmas Blessing


I’m blessed. In the next few days my home will be filled with family, friends, cats and dogs coming together to celebrate Christmas. For some that many people in a house is a recipe for a fight waiting to break out, but for me it’s a true blessing. But I remember in years’ past not being able to be with family for the holidays. What kept me from being completely depressed was the love of friends who opened their home and took me in as one of their own.

Who really needs your at Christmas

While we are all running around looking for those last-minute gifts, baking goodies, and preparing for the big Christmas dinner, we can easily bypass those who might be near us without a place to be on Christmas day. I can barely keep up with my own family, their children and pets much less think about someone off my radar. But that’s the person who might need me the most.

There’s no big wisdom to impart in this post, no big revelation, no saucy confession. I just want to be the voice of the quiet and lonely person next to you who might never speak for himself or herself, but who desperately wants a place to belong this Christmas. I was once that person. I know how it feels. Someone reached out to me and took me in.

Take a deep breath and disengage from the Christmas craziness long enough to find the person who needs to be part of your Christmas. It might be your best Christmas gift ever. I know it was for me.

How do you feel about inviting someone you barely know to celebrate Christmas at your home?

  • You may have said there is no big wisdom to impart in this post but I disagree. I think this post is one of the wisest you've written and speaks to the true heart of what Christmas is all about. It's not the gifts we get but the gifts we give that matter. The gifts of our time, of recognizing someone else in need and then doing something about it… that's the stuff that lasts.

    Thank you for a great reminder.

    • Daniel, thank you for the kind words and your friendship over the years. I'm glad we've connected.

  • paulaswift

    This is our tradition!!! Since my family is in CA, and my husband has a very small family here in TN, we invite people to our home whenever we host holidays… this year, we have about 10 friends, old and new, joining us for Christmas Eve. It's always more fun than anticipated and it really builds life long relationships – and a near stranger has been among them in the past and are always welcome. Spending holidays together takes relationships to an intimate level…it's wonderful!

    • I love your tradition. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with those who need it most!

  • Rodney Eason

    I just started reading blogs this year as my spiritual walk turned into a sprint.
    I just wanted to say thank you because yours is one of my favorites.
    You speak from the heart (and one of the few where selling something is not the ulterior motive).

    Thank you for your generosity and honesty. Blessings to your family.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

    • That's very kind of you Rodney. But if you're looking to buy an used Mercedes with lots of miles, I have just the car for you. 🙂

  • This post is challenging for me.

    Right now we're in a season of life when the rest of the year is filled with chaos and mayhem. My wife & I both work, she also has a home-based business on the side and I'm working on an MBA. AND we have to rambunctious, awesome kids. Christmas is kind of like our oasis from the world.

    That being said it mostly sounds like I'm making excuses. We're already booked solid with family plans and traveling this year, but in 2011 I'm challenged to open our home more around each holiday.

    Thank you.

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