Christmas Reflection


Christmas growing up in Brazil was a hot, humid affair with long sunny days often interrupted by a passing thunderstorm during the heat of the day. We spent most of the Christmas holidays at the pool, and since I was fortunate to have one at my house, my friends would come over and hang out at my house for hours. But whether I am in the South American heat or in the cold, short days of the northern hemisphere, Christmas has always been a time to thank God for the birth of His son and to celebrate life with family and friends.

I find myself thankful to be able to share another year with my family, co-workers, and friends. After all, there is no illusive destination besides heaven, but the joy of life well lived with people whom you love and walk together for a season.

While I’m still putting up wrapping paper and dealing with empty gift boxes, I’m already looking forward to another Christmas, either hot or cold, that I get to share with people God has put in my life.

What kind of Christmas memories do you have?

  • Sally Epps

    I remember growing up in rural South Carolina. It wasn't cold enough to snow or warm enough to go swimming. But this one Christmas eve we got half of inch of snow. It was a dream come true: a white Christmas.

  • Mark Taylor

    I grew up with 7 siblings. Christmas was always a difficult time for my parents to get us all gifts, but I never felt they did such a great job in creating such a special time for us.

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