What Your Tech Accessory Says About You


Fashion accessories say a lot about a person. Your technology “clothing” says even more about the kind of person you are. Since everyone at The A Group got iPads as Christmas gifts this week, I’m featuring in today’s Fashion Friday edition iPad covers and how they are a reflection of their owners. Take a look at these:

You're important. You're serious. You're wealthy.

You're an Artiste mon ami!

You're a woman, an European man or a man wishing he were an European woman

You're a rebel but a geeky one. Rock On.

You're cutting edge with the original Apple cover. People wish they were you.

You work for Microsoft. What? This is my letter box.

You're a man's man. Bacon says it all.

You own a Yacht

You're a Playa. Love the bare touch feel and yet the full protection.

I'm not even going there. I'm already in trouble for the last comment.

What’s your iPad cover of choice? What does it say about your style?

  • Cindy Williams

    This made me laugh. I love the Portel artiste one. Very cool

  • Kris

    The last two made me laugh out loud! I love the Artiste cover.

  • courtney

    Cracking up at them all!!! Thanks for the laughs!

  • I don't have an iPad, but I've decided to go naked with my Kindle–no cover at all.

    Please don't tell me what that says about me.

    • You're a purist. No accessories needed. Ok, I let you off easy. πŸ™‚

  • Andrew Acker

    You can't forget about the dodo case! That is possibly the most fresh looking case around. I don't have an iPad, so maybe I lose credibility with the claim, but I've gifted them, and they're awesome! http://www.dodocase.com/

  • I so needed this wise direction before I go and buy my mine a new outfit for 2011. Thanks Maurilio – I will go forth and shop confidently! (and…no…I won't be doing bacon.)

    • I'm thinking a Louis Vitton or a Gucci cover would look fabulous on you.

  • jonmalstrom

    Invisible Shield comment = beyond awesome!

    • Thanks Jon. Coming from you, it means a lot. πŸ™‚

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  • Good post. The last two are going to get you in trouble.

    I like this one, it says "I own a Yacht" http://www.hardwaresphere.com/2010/04/01/substrat

  • Mike

    I'm still reading in disbelief that you gave ipads as Christmas gifts…not because it is elaborate, but that you can actually say 'Christmas' in your office!

  • I have the Invisible sheild and, wait for it..a carbon skin on the back? My iPad was gift that came with a simple Tagus case: http://www.targus.com/uk/product_details.asp?sku=

    I wonder what all these say about me? πŸ˜‰

  • I have a friend whose mom always color-coordinated her Bibles with her outfit on Sunday mornings. For example, she had a pink Bible to go with her suit, shoes and gloves, etc. Maybe we could start a new iPad color coordination line… after all, it is my Bible, too!

  • juliekolb

    If I owned an ipad, I would pick the leather (but not for those reasons~ha)…I'm a traditionalist..Leather is classic, durable and gets better with age (soft like butter:)..Plus it would go with any outfit…One in black and one in brown; like a good pair of men's shoes

  • What's a "yatch"?…;)

  • I have the original ipad cover because I have not purchased the one I want…or really found the one I want.

    I would love a Coach cover though…that would be awesome.

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