Should I Wear a Hat?


So what’s the deal with men’s hats? Who should wear them and what style? Hats have been a staple of men’s fashion since Adam decided to wear a nice crown made of bay leaves, so the rumor goes. Some hats are more utilitarian, like Beanies, keep our heads warm during the cold months, even though they have become a fashion statement from gyms to red carpet events. Others, like the Fedora, set men apart in a crowd.  But no matter what kind of hat you decide to wear, it will make a fashion statement.

While the modern-day hat is not quite as elaborate as its ancestor.

Here’s a helpful news segment from CBN’s Early Show featuring the Editor of GQ magazine:

No matter what hat you wear, keep these few rules in mind:

  • Make sure the hat fits your head. Go to a hat store, or one that sells hats, and make sure you’re wearing something that fits well, specially something that’s not too small for your head.
  • Wear light-colored hats during the Spring and Summer and dark during Fall and Winter.
  • If you feel “weird” or not comfortable wearing a Fedora, than don’t do it. If you’re uncomfortable with a hat or any other accessory, people will be uncomfortable with you as well.

Do you wear a hat? What’s your favorite style?

  • moweezle

    Well, since I'm not a guy, I won't answer that question….. BUT, I think you should make a run at bringing back the Torero into Modern Day Fashion. Now, that would make a statement! 🙂

    • The only place you can pull that look off would be in a ring with a bull. 🙂

  • I don't prefer hats for style, but there are certain times you need one for utility purposes.

    For sport, yard work, or just plain hiding bed-head, a like a moderately close-fitting ball cap. I think Fidel hats are cool, but I'm not so I never wear one.

    I like some version of the Fedora for winter wear. But it is extremely difficult to find a style that fits, so I usually go without and pray for spring.

    • You need to go to a true hat store and find a Fedora that fits you. I think you can pull that look off very well.

  • dmbaldwin

    I have two fedoras and wear them when it gets really cold or I get semi dressed up. Other than that I wear baseball caps. I need to be more intentional with the hats I wear. The reason I need a hat is because of the bald condition of my head. Hats in winter keep me warm, hats in summer keep the sun off my head.
    Thanks for the post!

  • paula swift

    I like hats on men – if they wear one that's appropriate for their shape/size and personal style.

    M – you are definitely "hat man" material… but probably not the big fuzzy ones. 🙂

    • I have not worn a hat besides running and working out. But I think it's time for something more formal.

  • Unfortunately I have a dome the size of a watermelon so I can rarely even sport a ball cap.

    Given a smaller cranium the fedora would be my go to style though.

    • Bennie hats and more unstructured ones look good in larger craniums. You should try one.

  • Joseph

    Just bought a great hat in a hat shop in New Orleans…love it. It is my first hat, and along with the goatee I felt a little like a musician 🙂

  • I do wear a hat. This is me in it:

    I wish there was a magical way to:
    1. Wear product in your hair without the hat messing it up
    2. Not get the little hair bump near the base of my neck when I take off the hat.


    • Shave your head.

    • There are hats that are made to be worn all the time and some, like the fedora, that you're supposed to remove indoors. By the pic it looks like your hat can be worn indoors. So go with it and don't worry. Also check out Aveda's natural wax for men. It holds hair in place without build up and you can still move your hair around as necessary.

  • I never used to wear hats, or enjoy wearing them. Most hats don't fit me well, so they tend to look and feel a bit dorky. But now I have a Barmah kangaroo leather hat that I love to wear. I get compliments on it all the time. I like how it looks and feels on my head. I had to get an XXL, but it fits (and looks) like a hat should.

  • kevinscottbanks

    I usually only wear a hat when it's functional. I find that my hat-hair is less than desirable. However, wearing a hat does seem to give my head and face much more of a proportionately-pleasing look.

    Wait 'till you see the wide-brimmed sailor hats I'm collecting in New Zealand!

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  • betomas

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  • George Eager

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  • earflapshats

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  • Stephen Alexander


    I would like to wear a hat but I don’t know what hat would suit me can anyone help me?

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