You Might Be Holding to Your Youth Too Tight If


Every good communicator has to be a student of human nature. After all you cannot connect a message with an audience you don’t understand. Some of us, myself included, have decided not to age gracefully. Heck, to some have waged full blown war on aging. But even our best attempts of staying young sometimes backfires. You might be holding on to your youth a bit too tight if:

1. You buy your clothes at the same store as your teenage children

2. You have a punch card for your Bottox treatments (13th is free!)

3. Your “maintenance plan” includes a team consisting of a cosmetic dentist, a dermatologist and homeopathic Chinese Lady with exotic herbs.

4. You crave protein bars.

5. Instead of buying hair color, you’re now buying hair.

6. You run for treats.

7. You have considered having a “six-pack abs” spray painted on your belly, several times.

8. Chemicals are your best friends. You have pills for energy, to burn fat, to help you sleep and to put you in the mood. Without them you wouldn’t function.

9. You asked your barber for the “Bieber.”

10. You’re running out of skin to pull from.

It’s your turn. What else would you add to the list?

  • moweezle

    ha! those are too funny!

  • You crack me up! Nuff said.

  • … If you are using "Just for Men" on your soul patch.
    … You're careful not to take your Metamucil before going to the tanning salon.
    … You even know what Hot Topic is.

  • In some cases, even dying your hair is not a good idea. What is so bad about having gray hair? Overall, I don't care what older people dress like. If an older woman decides to wear Uggs (furry boots), then fine. What I don't like is when an older person acts like a kid. For example, I don't want to hear an old person telling jokes that kids in my high school would tell. I also don't want to see older men at the gym hitting on all the young girls.

    • Mitch, I heard a girl at the gym talk about the old creepy guy hitting on her and she pointed to you. 🙂

      • That girl is just upset because I turned her down.

  • 11. Your Facebook profile picture is from 15 years ago.

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