Could Art Be Your Best Business Tool?


Most of the day had dragged on, slower than my fast-paced norm. But suddenly I looked up and two hours had passed without my knowledge. Instead of tired and restless, I felt energized by the task at hand. I had just spent time doing something artistic. I had offered to take head shots of a friend and had lost myself in getting it ready. While I can’t quantify it, the pursuit of art for its own sake transcends my mind from tasks and deadlines into the realm of infinite possibilities. I’m convinced that an artistic endeavor will make you a better professional, no matter your field.

Mitch Ebie portrait Maurilio Amorim

I shot this portrait of my friend Mitch Ebie for his blog

I remember dreaming up what became The A Group during a week-long beach vacation. I had purchased 5 business books and was ready to start on my first one when a stranger walked up to me and said, “you’re not going to read this on vacation, are you?” Shamed,  I decided to pick up a nearby stick and build sand sculptures. I began with a simple turtle and five days later and five sculptures later, I was up to the elaborate 7 feet long mermaid with Medusa-like hair. These sculptures took 4 to 6 hours to make, but I was lost in time. Somehow during the course of that week, the idea for my new venture was formed.

Billy Williams Design portrait

I did this head shot for my friend Billy Williams is for his board picture at the Jenn-Air Advisory Board

I’m certain science can make a correlation between how people use their right brain activities (creative, conceptual) to impact their left brain decisions (processes, systems). I just know that whenever I find myself lost in photography, painting, sculpting or even cooking, I seem to have my best ideas.

What’s your artistic outlet?

Is there an art form you’ve always want to try?

  • Lately it's been graphic design. I've recently made some very rock-showesque posters for fairly mundane things at church 🙂

    Interpretive dance would be my fantasy outlet. Or maybe mime.

    • I tried interpretive dance as an outlet but was banish from church for crimes against mankind.

  • lori frank

    Great job on the Photos. Of course, your models were helpfully handsome. You did not have to "make a silk purse out of sow's ear", so to speak. Both examples are fantastic. 🙂 I actually have always found this to be true, especially with my male children. I discovered by accident that if we were studying multiplication tables or memorization or composition the boys made quick progress if they had some play-dough or finger paint to keep their other brain hemisphere busy as we worked. I have no idea why it works but I'm gonna try it and see if inspiration is released to me when I am writing. Great post!

    • Thanks, Lori. But I disagree with you on the "handsome" nature of my subjects. If you take hundreds of pictures, one is bound to look good. 🙂

  • I agree Maurilio. Creative Silence is energizing. In fact, I posted an article with this same theme after returning from a beach vacation this past June;…. Enjoying your blog!

  • Christy

    Beautiful shots – thanks for sharing them! I enjoy photography, though I'm very much an amateur. Helps me 'get out of my head' for a bit.

    • I'm an amateur as well. My strategy is to take enough pictures that a few of them are bound to look good.

  • I have to agree with this. I love to write and often I find myself losing track of time. I write a blog and since my dream is to be an author, I admit I like to check my blog stats often to see the traffic. But I found that the posts with most traffics are the ones I wrote because I need it to. You know what I mean? Just that sense that you have to put those feelings/thoughts down on paper.

    • I know what you mean on post traffic. Some of my top traffic posts were last-minute I threw something together. It's quite puzzling.

  • I started writing my blog only seven months ago as a creative outlet for my ideas on personal development and life coaching. I naively though that the ideas would dry up quickly, but 150+ posts later and there's still more to write.

    I certainly agree with Israel and Maurilio about which posts attract the most traffic. It can be baffling sometimes.

    I don't have any illusions about being particularly creative or artistic, but I'm enjoying the process.

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