My First Wedding Video Shot With My iPhone4

I’m in Brazil for a few days with my family as well as attending my brother’s wedding. I forgot to take my Flip video camera to the wedding, but I realized my new iPhone 4 shot video (my old 3G phone was not video enabled). Armed with only my iPhone, I took footage and pictures of the wedding and put together a quick video.

In this short video you’ll see family, young and old, having a good time–a very good time indeed. And true to Brazilian form, when two or three are gather together, there shall be a celebration.

Is your family loud? How do you describe your get togethers? Mine are extremely gregarious to the point of being obnoxious and scaring reserved people like Canadians.

  • Sally Dethmer

    I loved this video. Your family reminds me of an Italian family I used to know. They were loud and fun. My people are not as lively, but again, we're Scandinavian.

  • MaurilioAmorim

    We're a loud and obnoxious Italian family.

  • Mitch Ebie

    loud and obnoxious, you?….I can't believe that.

  • Jeff Moore

    This video looks better than my wedding video which I paid a lot of money for 15 years ago. Amazing how technology has evolved.

    • Jeff,
      Yes, technology has come so far, but you still need an artist behind the camera, uh, the phone. 🙂

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