Images and Thoughts on the Nashville Flood


It rained hard for 2 days. Very hard. As a matter of fact, harder than anytime ever recorded in the history of this town. We were warned, but not prepared. Here’s some of the sobering pictures of the Nashville flood of 2010

 We were fortunate and escaped with the minor inconvenience of having to stay home for a couple of days. Thousands are dealing with devastation and tremendous lost. My church, Cross Point, has set up a Relief Fund for the victims of the flood. You can help by participating in the ongoing clean up and rescue work as well as making an online donation. It’s simple and safe through their website.

As I watched the terrible pictures of destruction and folks stranded in homes that are now covered in water, I asked myself: “Shouldn’t we have been better prepared? How can this happen?” And the answers were simple but not welcomed. No, we couldn’t have been better prepared. Most people didn’t have flood insurance because they did not live on a flooded area–well, not until yesterday.

We were warned, but we were not prepared. 

This happened because we are not in control. Everyday we plan and live our lives as if we have complete control over the outcome. Days like these are a sober reminder that’s not true. We had plenty of warning that bad storms were headed our way, but no one could have predicted what happened.

So today I do what I can to help neighbors, friends and family and wrestle with my illusion of control and God’s blessings on my life. 

Have you ever been warned about something but not prepared for what happened?

  • anonymous

    Thank you for the insight. I once was fired from a job that I did enjoy and was quite good at. I never understood the reasoning and never say it coming either. I can relate to the point that we are not in control. It' s a tough lesson, but one that I needed to learn.

  • duongsheahan

    This is horrible!! Glad you were all safe and praying for others in the area.

  • MaurilioAmorim

    Thank you for your prayers, Duong. They are truly needed.

  • Mark Humphries

    If something like this doesn't put things in perspective, I don't know what would. Thanks for sharing your heart, Maurilio. I always enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up.


  • Eric Pearson

    Where was Jim Cooper our Congressman?

    I believe many of us have become complacent with Jim Cooper our Congressman. For instance, many of us have grow accustomed to the norm of having politicians like Jim Cooper working for the lobbyist and self interest groups, but not for the best interest of We the People here at home.

    As patriotic Americans we must remember it hasn't always been this way. Before Jim Cooper, we within the 5th district of Tennessee had elected many great statesmen to represent us within the U.S. Congress.

    As you may already know, I'm one of the candidates running against Jim Cooper. However this doesn't necessarily mean you need to elect me to the U.S. Congress in order to fix this injustice. What is most important here is we need to replace Jim Cooper with someone that will live up to the words of being “our representative” in Congress.

    Thank you, and God bless the Republic of the United States of America.

    Eric Pearson, Democratic Party candidate for US Congress in the 5th district, Tennessee.

  • MaurilioAmorim

    Good luck on the race, Eric.

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