Book Review: Plan B by Pete Wilson


Today my Pastor and friend, Pete Wilson, releases his first book. I’m proud and excited for him because I believe this is an important message that will resonate with many people and hopefully allow them to get closer to God in their walk of faith. I always thought the book would be timely. I had no idea of how timely.

In the past few days Cross Point staff, church members and thousands of people in our community have lost belongings, their entire homes, and some even loved ones. Suddenly our entire community is thrown into our very own collective “Plan B”. But Plan B is not a book just about dealing with catastrophes; it’s also a conversation about dealing with disappointment in life and reconciling our faith with them.

So what happens when God doesn’t show up the way you thought He would?

I struggled with that question this morning as I watched the local news and my heart broke for my friends and neighbors. I asked the same question when my sister delivered her baby several weeks early and as the little guy fought for his life in a hospital in Florida.

what I love about Plan B is its honesty and authenticity. No platitudes. No 5 easy steps to a worry-free life. No gimmicks. I found myself lost in the real-life encounter and finding hope in places I least expected. Trust me, you need to read this book.

You can read more about the book read real-life stories and share yours HERE. You can buy the book HERE

Thank you Pete for writing a book we all need to read. Plan B will change you.

How have the Plan Bs in your life surprised you? Sometime Plan B can be better than your best Plan A.

  • Sally Epps

    I'm in a plan b season of my life right now. Thanks for the review. I've ordered my copy this morning.

  • Josh

    I started my business years ago because I had a bad breakup with my former partner. At the time I didn't know it would be a great blessing. Looking forward to reading Pete' s book.

  • MaurilioAmorim

    Josh my story is very similar. Thanks for sharing. The A Group would not exist without a Plan B.

  • Tod Shuttleworth

    Love Plan B. Got to listen to Pete this morn at ECPA ELS. Can't wait to read it!!

  • Karla Meachem

    I loved Pete's transparency too; a must read for everyone! This book is a KEEPER; I knew it would be right from the start! Every home should own a copy! 🙂

  • Bekah

    reading PlanB transformed my thought patterns. I agree, it is a great book.

  • MaurilioAmorim

    Wow. That's a great endorsement, Bekah.

  • Phil

    Looks like a great read … downloaded to the kindle and I will dive in tomorrow. Given what Nashville and Middle Tenn are facing very timely … a city in need of a Plan B

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