The Bigest iPad Question of the Moment: Will It Blend?

According to many reviews, the iPad will change everything. There are so many questions about what it means to the future of publishing and media-rich content. Is it going to change the way we watch tv? Is it going to finally make ebooks the new standard for reading? While questions abound, the most important question of the day for us is :Will it blend?

Warning! This video contains graphic scenes of violence against an iPad. Apple fans and gadget freaks be warned: this will make you sick!

Are you planning on buying an iPad? If so, why?

  • Carl Tatz

    I'd love to do that to my home computer. It crashes all the time and is a piece of junk. I'd love to know if it will blend. 🙂

  • MaurilioAmorim

    You and I must have the same old computer!

  • Lawrence W. Wilson

    I'm not planning to buy an iPad because it's too big and too small. Too big to be an iPod, phone, or Blackberry, too small to be my primary computer. I'm not sure what I'd do with it … other than look cool(er)?

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