Acid Attack and The Power of Prayer


One of the most fun parts of my trip to Hong Kong was going to a street fair near my hotel. But in just a few hours after Steve Shantz, my travel companion and I made our way through the crowded fair Saturday, a man threw a bottle of acid into the crowd from a roof top injuring some 30 people including several tourists and children. You can read the CNN report here

I’m specially thankful for family and friends who were praying for my safety during this trip. My son Derek and his entire class committed to pray for me as well. We often take prayer for granted, but incidents such as this bring the covering of prayer into the spotlight.

Have you ever felt the power of prayer work in your own life? What’s your story?

  • Mark Taylor

    Prayer has been an important part of my life. I can't imagine life without it. I remember getting diagnosed with a hereditary condition. My family was devastated. We prayed for healing and after several more tests, I was declared healed. The doctors didn't have a good explanation for why that happened but I do. Mark

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