Carpe Diem Before It’s Too Late


Friday night my friend Chad called to tell me his good friend Martin had just dropped dead after returning home from a run. I didn’t know Martin, but he was practically my age and, according to Chad, very healthy.

So what does that mean to you and me? Well, there are probably many lessons here, but the obvious often escapes us: we are not guaranteed another day on earth. Today is all we have. Carpe Diem before it’s too late.

Chad called not only to tell me the sad news, but also to let me know that 1. my hair looked good and 2. that he loved me (he knows me well). I’m sure he hugged his children specially tight Friday night. I snuggled up with boys on the couch and told them both I loved them within minutes of the call.

Interestingly, last week another friend had asked me what I’m working on for the next 10 years. Usually I’m not at a loss for words, but after a bit of reflection I told him “people.” The older I get the more important relationships become to me.

If you knew you had another month to live, what would you do differently?

  • Anonymous

    I would leave my damn diet behind and eat some fried chicken.

  • If l new I only had a few weeks to live, I would get together with my wife and kids and their spouses and just hang. They are the most important people in my life. I would also spend a lot of time talking to God, I would want to be sure I have things straight between us before we meet face to face.

  • @Anonymous if you keep eating fried chicken you'll not be here for long. @Steve I'm personally hurt that spending time with me was not on that list.

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