Vacation Log: My Day at the Water Park


The Big Kahuna’s Water Park is a vacation tradition for the boys. We must spend at least one day of our week-long vacation there. This year is no exception. I love the water park rides as well as the sea of humanity that shows up there. At Big Kahuna you’re sure to encounter anything and everything. But I’m always aware I’m no where near Brazil for several reasons.

I was reminded I was not in South America by the generous amount of material on women’s bathing suits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that the Brazilian dental floss bikini (now that’s a mental picture for ya–and no I’m not posting a pic) has not made its way into the American beaches and water parks. The thought of seeing the women I saw today wearing the dental floss is pretty upsetting. But I’m also thankful for the men’s long shorts in vogue here instead of the minimalist Speedo swimming suits my Brazilian friends wear. Granted, as a generalization, Brazilian men are somewhat leaner than the average guy at the water park today; however, I don’t care how lean you are, at age 70, stuff just hangs. Enough said.

I also noticed that those of us without tattoos, or body “art” if you prefer, seem to be in the minority. Most every adult was sporting several tattoos. As an observer of culture, I would like to caution my friends who are thinking of getting tattoos to think long term with them. As you consider your art of choice and location, also take into consideration that your skin will lose its elasticity and that the area of the tattoo will grow, droop and change along with you. For example, I saw an older lady sporting a tattoo of what I imagine started out as a butterfly decades ago, that now looked like a vampire bat trying to craw out of her cleavage.

I saw a young man with large block letters tattooed across his entire abdomen that read: RELENTLESS. I even heard a young girl say: “I like your tattoo.” That’s fine today because the kid is young and has a flat stomach. But I can see the day where after too many beers and many missed gym workout one my look at his belly and just see a few letters, saying “LENT” or “RENTLESS” Again, thinking ahead.

All in all we had a blast-lots of sunshine, water and fun for everyone. Well, maybe not everyone. I’m not sure how the man whose hair piece came floating my me earlier in the day feels about losing it and then deciding whether or not checking with lost and found. A life guard saw it and retrieve it. I wish I had a picture of his face looking at the floating hair.

I’m curious how do you feel about tattoos? And if you have one what does it say?

  • Mark Taylor

    Next time you go to Rio, please take me along. I would to experience it with you. (It has nothing to do with the dental floss bikini). I'm just a people person.

  • Sure, Mark, you're a people person like all my other male friends. Good try, buddy.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought about getting a tattoo on my lower back of a butterfly. Thanks for ruining it for me.

  • Really, the man with the missing hairpiece missed an opportunity to pluck it from the water and say, "Fifi! How did you get in here!" then walk off petting it.

    Personally, I wouldn't get a tattoo because I don't like the idea that I can't get it off. Maybe I have commitment issues.

    BTW, maybe it's just me, but your Twitter feed hangs over your posts every time so I miss the first couple letters of every line. I can generally figure it out, but it is annoying. Just FYI.

  • Another excellent article! Thank you!

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