Vacation Log: Captain Schedule Takes a Break


I’m on vacation this week. Vacations are weird things for me, since I’m so structured in my daily regimen that vacations are interruptions of my schedule. I’m not complaining, however, it’s just the way it is. My friends and family call me “captain schedule” for my seemingly obsession with “redeeming the time.”

I must confess I have gone overboard in the past. A few years ago I bought a software package that allowed me to customize our Disney World experience based on the age of our children, our food tastes and the best time to reach the rides and restaurants that we liked. I had a print out every day with a timeline for our park experience. I thought it was great; my family not so much.

This week I have decided not to have a schedule–well not a hard one. So far I have done well. The only thing I have scheduled are my morning runs, which unless I get up before the sun is out, 5 a.m., I can only manage to get in 4-5 miles in the heat and 150% humidity before getting light headed. I ran at 6:30 this morning and it was already a balmy 85 degrees.

During the day I take my kindle to the beach and read while the boys catch waves. I have cooked alongside my mother in law who is down here with us. The other day she made blackberry cobbler from scratch. How great is that?!

Today I have already run 4 miles and taken a dip in the cool gulf waters. The pool, however, is another story. The pool temperature hovers around 95 degrees, hardly refreshing. We call it the giant hot tub. I tried swimming laps, but got light headed again. Hmm. lots of light headed incidents. Maybe it’s not Florida. Perhaps I have something wrong with me. Meanwhile, I’m trying my very best not to plan things on this vacation even thought it goes against my very core.

Are you a planner or do you just go with the flow? (even typing “go with the flow” makes me nervous)

  • Sally Epps

    When I'm on vacation I have no schedule. I love not knowing what the day will bring. No schedules.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Maurilio,You have issues!

  • I, too, am a hyper-steward of my time! Perhaps it's easier for me to say this to you than myself, but "have a great vacation!"

  • Haha, you sound like my dad was when we were younger going on family vacations. He always wanted to plan out the day and follow a schedule. It wasn't bad or anything, but most of us just wanted to go out 'roll with the flow' as they say.-Jack @ Family Vacation Planning

  • Billy Williams

    Step away from the schedule and no one will get hurt. I am also glad to see that the name stuck.

    Have fun and I love ya – BTW I am not a schedule person.

  • There are some vacations that must be hyper scheduled or you will spend lots of money and not get to see what you wanted to see…Those are the vacations that you need another vacation after when you are back! However, if you are taking a vacation just to "get away" then I say no schedules…just go with the flow.Tip:We took the Tauck-Bridges,"Red Rocks and Painted Canyons" tour for families last year and it was awesome! It is pricey, but we saw things and stayed in places that we could not have seen on our own in so little time! Kind of like a land-cruise, they handle everything including all luggage from place to place and that makes it more relaxing when someone else has done all the planning! Well worth it!ENJOY your family and your time away and your lack of a schedule! Just reading your posts and seeing all that you do makes me want a vacation for you! You are a busy man. Blessings to you all 🙂

  • Billy, yes the name has stuck, thanks to you. And I'm "shocked" by your schedule-impaired confession.

    I just had on missing out on good stuff because of lack of preparation or poor planning. Often the difference of a good time and a frustrating time is knowing where to go and what to see. Thanks for the tip on the Tauck-Bridges family tour. I'll check it out.

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