The Business of Friendship


During the thanksgiving holidays it dawned on me that I’ve known my childhood friend Wagner for almost 30 years. That’s a long time and yet, I remember our first meeting like it was yesterday at a youth camp in Jaboticabal, Brazil. But as I take inventory, I realize that I have been blessed with several life-long friends.

The older I get, the more valuable people become to me. When you put people before position, profit or personal gain, it changes everything. As trite as it might sound, that’s what Jesus has asked us to do. This mindset allows me to have life-long friendships with people whom I just met. Really. Think about it.

As I write this, I’m in Orlando, Florida with several Pastors and Church Leaders. Some of these men are my friends. We happen to be business associates as well, but first and foremost, we are friends. I’m thankful to be part of their life story and even more thankful they’re part of mine.

Once while contemplating starting a new business with a friend, I got some great advice from my wife, Gwen: “If you ever have to choose between money and friendship, always choose the friendship. And if you can’t do that, don’t go in business together.”

As I finish typing this post, the sun is just now coming up and I’m looking forward to meeting a new life-long friend.

  • Lisa Green

    I agree with you. The older I get the more important relationships become to me. One cannot have too many friends for sure.

  • Christopher Martin

    Maurilio, Thanks for posting this. I needed the reminder

  • Good post my friend.

  • This reminds me of the quote "business happens at the speed of trust." I just launched a small business project with a friend. We have minimal unnecessary paperwork. We've talked directly about partner exits, problems, etc. And I committed personally to putting this friendship before this business. Always. Resulting in the fastest project launch I've ever done.

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