An A Group Christmas


Yesterday we had The A Group annual Christmas Event. I call it an event because it’s way more than just a party. First we closed shop by noon Friday and the entire team then made its way to our Brentwood Costco for lunch. [ Before you call me cheap, read on.] As we dined on the exquisite chicken bake and pepperoni pizza everyone drew a name in secret. Then I performed one of my favorite Christmas tradition: pulling out a bunch of $100 bills and giving one to each of our team members.

The rules are simple: Buy a total of $100 worth of gifts for your secret Santa during the next hour, take it home, wrap the gift(s) and come back that evening for our dinner party. Since no one knows who you’re buying for, it’s always fun looking at what people are buying and trying to guess whom they are buying for.

At dinner time, we took a break between the meal and the dessert and exchanged presents. It’s a lot of fun when people explain “why” they bought what they bought for their secret friend. One of my gifts this year was a large box of protein bars. These people know me well.

I’m thankful for very talented people who love what they do, each other and who are able to deliver amazing results to our clients. I’m glad we took time to celebrate Christmas and one another.

How do you celebrate Christmas at your work?


  • Jennifer Jones

    That's a great idea. If I only could convince my boss to give us $100! I'm sending this blog to him now.

  • Jim Crowford

    Dude, What's up with the head in the glass case?

  • @Jim,That's what the restaurant call "the Pope Room." And, yes, it's pretty creepy to have the Pope staring at you while you eat. The cool part is the head sits on an enormous lazy susan so you can share food easily. We had a great time there.

  • Sara Lewis

    We do the dirty santa game with a $10 limit. It's fun, but I'm thinking $100 at Costco would be a lot more fun.

  • Love this idea! How fun!

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