Proud of Nashvegas


This week I had the opportunity to host a client’s first trip to Nashville. He grew up in Dallas, now lives in Colorado Springs and has traveled extensively through Europe. He is also is a foodie and has eaten in some of the best restaurants in the world. I wondered how Nashville would fare in his ranking of cities.

Michael loved the green, rolling hills, the cool evenings and mornings. We had a phenomenal meal at Watermark in the trendy Gulch district, which rivals some of the best known restaurants in the country. Driving around downtown, I introduced my friend to our Capitol building, the Union Station Hotel, Second Avenue (he even commented on the Batman Building) and then we made our way to beautiful Williamson county, which I consider part of the greater Nashville experience.

We never got to Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, the Natchez Trace or Old Hickory lake, historic downtown Franklin, but he was very impressed, nonetheless.

Regardless of our recent gas fiasco, I’m always glad to come back home. I knew back in 1983 as a sophomore in college that Nashville was my home. I have yet to regret that decision.

  • pcase

    What lovely words about our city. I'm an oddity in that I was born here and still live here today. I remember when the only downtown skyscraper was the L&C; – even then, I loved this city. Thanks for lifting it up. You captured it beautifully! Many blessings to you as you live and work here!Pam Case

  • brynormous

    If you want to get really stoked about the future of Nashville, go to and read around "The Plan of Nashville." You'll be amazed at what our civic planners envision for the next ten, twenty, fifty years. Here's a teaser: imagine a redirection of the Cumberland river to create an "island" around the stadium full of new, beautiful residential and essentially two river front districts. Seriously.

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