C3 Church and the God Factor


This week I got to spend some time with a great group of people at C3 Church in Clayton, NC. I always enjoy connecting with visionary leaders. I meet professional Christians almost on a daily basis, but it’s not often that I run into people who see what’s not there and who trust God to build something than can only be described as a “God thing.”

Matt and Martha Fry took over a Bible study in the middle of nowhere, NC back in 1998. Today there’s an amazing church drawing close to 4 thousand people on the weekends, reaching out to an entire community and region with the good news of the Gospel. Driving up to the church one has to go through tobacco fields on a one-lane road and suddenly, there it is: a sprawling beautiful campus–a testament of vision, faith and leadership. It has that “field-of-dreams” vibe to it. It was not the if-we-build-it-they-will-come strategy that built this camp, but a better one instead: if we preach Him, they will come.

As I walked through their new Starbucks Cafe and Bookstore I was blown away by the attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Theirs is the only place you can get a caramel macchiato within a 15-mile radius. It’ also the only place you can get Christian resources for many miles. I had the privilege of spending time with their leadership team, and all I can say is that these are people from my tribe. I’ll hang with them anytime.

Meeting genuine people of faith who still trust God to do the improbably, if not impossible, is why I love my job.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for coming to hang with your new tribe in Johnston County! It was a pleasure to meet you and dream about the future of C3!God bless,Chris Pipes

  • Tami Poland

    We so enjoyed having you here! It is amazing to be part of such an incredible miracle where the hand of God is seen the moment you drive on campus. Our pastor is an incredible visionary and we are honored to serve there!

  • Anonymous

    It was great meeting you. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to be with us. God has done some amazing things here but it's only the beginning. Come back anytime, there will be a basket for you:-)Erin Jones

  • It is so great to see God's hand at work all across the country. And any place where you can combine worship with a macchiato, I'm all in favor!Can't wait to see what God has in store for C3.

  • Rod

    What a pleasure it was to meet you and hang out this week.God has been so faithful to us at C3 in this "field of dreams."We look forward to working with you and your team to make even more dreams come true in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.Hope to see you soon.Have a great weekend!Rod http://www.c3church.com

  • Anonymous

    It was cool having you here this week, God is doing Big things here, we are just hoping to hold on and enjoy the ride!Cory Bolduc

  • So glad that God has led you to partner with Pastor Matt & C3 as we continue on the amazing adventure God has planned for us.

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