Given the Chance Would You Relive the Good Ol’ Days?


Lately I have been struggling with the complexity of my life. My mind is occupied with my aging parents in Brazil, my son in his first semester in college, starting a new business; it all can be overwhelming at times.  I have longed for the simple, uncomplicated days of yesteryear where there was freedom and opportunity. Well, that was until I started to think more clearly about the good ol’ days. Once I woke up from my glamorized stroll down memory lane, here’s what I really gave up:

Would You Travel back to Your Good Ol' Days?

I had $25 dollars left to my name during at the end of my freshman year of college. I certainly would not want to relive that.

I didn’t own a car until after I graduated from college. How in the world did I get around?

I was cleaning toilets my second week of school. Then I washed dishes for another year. I didn’t wise up and got a library job until half way through my sophomore year.

I lived in an apartment the size of my current bathroom after graduating from college. Ok, I just measured, my bathroom is actually bigger, and that doesn’t even count the closet.

I had a budget $20 per week worth of groceries in my early 20’s. If I managed my money well, I would have $3 left  by Friday so I could get a Big Top burger. Thankfully I knew how to cook so I ate better than my friends who survived on Ramen noodles and Spam. I would not want to relive that season either.

At  age 22 I opened a checking account and took out $30. The banker jokingly said, “big weekend plans, huh?” Sadly, she was right.  I had huge weekend plans for that kind of money

I commuted for nearly 2 hours every time I drove to work.

I could hear the sexual escapades of my next-door neighbor through the paper-thin walls of my tiny apartment. “Hey, I’m trying to have a Bible study here!”

While my life is complicated, it’s a good one. And no, I wouldn’t trade it for my 20-something self. Now if I could keep the learning, experience and wisdom I’ve gotten so far AND get my 25 year-old body back, well that’s a deal I wouldn’t refuse.

What season of your life do you miss the most? Would you want to relive it?

  • Haha.

    I don't really want to relive the past but I would love to know then what I do now so I could have made a few different choices that might have been smarter. But then again… sometimes we learn the most through the stupid choices we make… right? : )

    • I wouldn't know since I have never, ever made a stupid choice. However, I heart from others that's quite a learning tool.

  • L Lindquist-Bishop

    Someone once gave me an interesting thought in saying that 'the Good 'ol Days' only exist in the context of historical perspective. At the moment of that 'Good 'ol Day' – life was the most chaotic, most fast paced, most technologically advanced in human history. Only in hindsight does that moment/ period of time look 'idyllic, serene and slower paced'.

    Your reflections of your 'good 'ol day's' sound as if you have some of that clarity.
    I'll take today! (and that's really all we have anyway! 🙂 )

    • That's a great perspective. I think what we all want is all the assets of youth: beauty, energy, flexibility, without any of its liability: inexperience, lack of perspective, limited skills. You're so right. After all there's no better day than today because that's all we have.

  • No regrets – many great memories, but. relive the past? Um – no.
    Living full out and forward – one moment at a time. /

  • Haha! Great stuff!

    The "good ol' days" for me were in college, but since I'm only 27 that wasn't too long ago. I didn't have a car or a cashflow to speak of, but the free time I definitely took for granted.

    I'm a husband, father of 2 (boy & girl), working full time in a cubicle while completing an MBA. I get up at 3:00am to go to the gym and study on lunch breaks and after the kids go to bed at night.

    A week to rewind to the "good ol' days" would be mighty nice.

    • It's a very full life, man. Free time is overrated, anyway. You can sleep when you're dead. 🙂

      • There's actually a country song about that. It's a personal favorite.

  • Joseph

    Wow…tough one because the choices I have made have led me to Nashville, my wife, daughter, friends, church and on and on…
    If I could "try over" one spot it might be just out of college. I made some strange career choices early on and in hindsight I would have gone a different direction.
    However, I hate to look back because of all the amazing things that have happened thus far and all the wonderful things in the future I face based on the choices made so far.

  • kevinscottbanks

    Loved hearing more about the young Maurilio. I can't wait to look back in 20 years and laugh about my life now. Sometimes I find myself wishing I could have the wisdom and experience of a 45 year old. I'm not so sure we should spend much time wishing for what we don't have, but I know that's easier said than done.

  • shari risoff

    Amen! >> “Now if I could keep the learning, experience and wisdom I’ve gotten so far AND get my 25 year-old body back, well that’s a deal I wouldn’t refuse.”

  • roland lundy

    Well said…..

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