In Business, Being Available is Often All You Need

Organizations are always looking for a competitive advantage that will get them more consumers, clients, or traffic. After all, times are difficult and most businesses, specially retail, are in survival mode. Often it is not the latest social media strategy or expensive marketing campaign that is the difference between winning or losing a sale, but making sure we do the basics well that will make the most difference.

Madrid Store business basics

My traveling companion’s computer bag ripped. Yesterday afternoon we walked the streets of Madrid looking for a replacement. We had passed a store with a great selection and reasonable prices, even for Europe. After lunch we decided to purchase a bag there. We arrived at 4:30 pm and the store was closed for “lunch” (the Spaniards take lunch around 2:30). They were not set to open until 5:30. We walked a couple of blocks and bought a more expensive bag from their competitor who decided not to close for lunch.

The experience re-affirmed one of the basics tenets of business: sometimes being available when people need you is a primary issue. There is no substitute for convenience, after all.

Think about your organization. How convenient are you making it for your clients, customers, member to “do business” with you?

What areas are you doing well and what should you improve?

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