Men: How to Look Good this Spring


Spring came early for most of the USA this year. While white polo shirts and khakis seem to be a staple for many guys, sometimes you just want to venture out and try something new. Here are a few options you should consider:

double breasted Spring

Double breasted jackets are back. They are not as structured as their earlier versions, however. The light blue and peach tie make this a great spring suit for a wedding, the races, or just a nice night out on the town.


khakis italian cuff blue shirt

This is not an easy look to pull off. The pants have an Italian 2-inch cuff and expose some enough ankle to feature the sock less slip-on dress shoe. The shirt is tucked in the front but left un-tucked in the back. Also the pants have a rolling waist, which can look droopy on the backside if you don't have some good support back there. Another option for those who do not want to ruin a good pair of shoes by sweating in them: wear low profile "invisible" socks...often worn for sports. Aviator sunglasses continue to be popular.

rblue suit

A cotton or light wool blue suit looks good on anyone. A simple white shirt and the white handkerchief ad style in the midst of simplicity. The sockless trend has been growing for the past two to three years and will be in full force this season.

I purposely did not choose young models for this post because I have been told that I feature clothing that only skinny-jeans wearing models could look good in.

What do you think of these options? Would you try any of them?

  • Steven Shantz

    I like the first and last looks, and I would try either of them.  I would not go for the middle look. To me it is just plain goofy and it looks like the person is trying too hard. Like you said, it’s a hard look to pull off, and in my opinion the model in the photo isn’t quite pulling it off.  

  • Tod Shuttleworth

    I knew my double breasted jacket and cigarettes from teh 70s would come back in. Really glad I held onto them. 🙂 

  • Love the last look…often go with it but not usually with no socks…just don’t find my shoes quite that comfy!

  • Love the last look…often go with it but not usually with no socks…just don’t find my shoes quite that comfy!

  • Not really sure I could pull off #2 either, Maurilio. It’s just TOO Gumpish (thought I do love the rest of Gump’s image). #3 is hip hot!!

  • Love #3!  Where do you find those low profile “invisible” socks.  My son’s wear some that are black.  Do they make them more skin tone?  I like the no sock look but can’t stand the thought of stinking up my good shoes.

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