How to Wear a Suit: Suiting 101 for Men


The suit is making a come back as an option for a casual night out. While it seems like an oxymoron to pair a suit with casual, it’s a new trend in men’s fashion. A great fitting suit will make you look like a million dollars regardless of what you paid for it. The opposite is also true: an expensive designer suit that’s not tailored well will make you look sloppy and unkempt. Just this week I received an email from Hugo Boss featuring how a man should wear a suit in 2012. They appropriately titled it: suiting 101.

Here are  the basics you should know:

how to wear a suit
how to wear a suit 101

how to wear a suit

If you follow these guidelines, you will not only look more stylish, but you will actually look just like the model above. Guaranteed.

What do you think about the suit making a come-back after being almost extinct from the casual American male wardrobe?

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  • Actually, I would be happy to see the return of the suit in both casual and business attire. I have enjoyed business casual as much as the next guy–maybe more at times. But the suit is simple. Casual wear (like contemporary worship music?) is actually much harder to pull off than it looks.

    • Wearing a suit is much easier than trying to pull together a infinite number of combinations. I do agree.

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