Men’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Spring 2012


It’s snowy and bitterly cold outside but it won’t be long until Spring. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Today’s Fashion Friday post is by guest blogger Brenda Lyttle.

Spring is the season of putting away those woolen woes and getting into the groove of the latest trends hitting the fashion industry. Clear your wardrobe off those wraparounds and boardshorts and start stocking your racks with light and colorful outfits. Seeing that you are raring to break into those bright colors, be a little cautious as this season attracts most fashion disasters.

men's fashion dos and don't Spring 2012

Here are a few dos and don’ts for this spring –


1.     Light Fabrics – Say bye to your corduroys and woolens and welcome spring with linens and cotton. These lighter fabrics will keep you fresh. There is a wide variety of fabrics to choose from and you can also give a try to the environmentally fabrics like hemp et al which are light and stylish.
2.     Wrinkle and Crinkle – Crush your linens and cottons a little to give that laid back, casual look but don’t overdo it. Remember that you want to look casual and not straight out of the bed. Crinkle those linens but don’t crease them.
3.     Colognes – You need to pick your fragrance. Choose lighter colognes because the huge amount of sweating, which this season brings, will not go down too well with stronger scents. You surely don’t want to scare your crush away by smelling like a perfume store. Musk, citrus and Cucumber are some fragrances to go for. Lemon Grass will be good too.
4.     Layer is right – If the weather is still a little chilly, you might not want to give up on the layering that quickly. Worry not! Get on some nice and light cotton jackets. You’ll find loads of cotton cardigans and nylon short jackets to choose from.


1.     Oversized pants and slacks – Pants with sagging backs make you look uncouth and if you want to rock the season, pack them and throw them away. Welcome chinos and cotton pants which are light, comfortable and a better choice in these sweaty times.
2.     Mandals – They get an ear splitting ‘No’ from this season’s fashion gurus. Get some flip flops. Your shoes must give your feet some well deserved breathing space because excessive humidity can attract many foot problems. It is important to invest in a good pair of sneakers for daily wear.
3.     Boardshorts – The long reign of boardshorts in your life end this season. Get yourself some good swimwear, preferably trunks that end somewhere around the mid thigh region. The Hawaiian prints and bold colors go out and the somber solid colors come in. It’s time to grow up and say goodbye to the huge flowery shorts you have been sporting for a long time.
4.     Skinny Jeans – Straight cuts and medium rises rule and so do washes in darker colors.
5.     Wraparounds – Wraparound shades went out of fashion ages ago. Traditional shades like aviators with wire rims are evergreen. Colored tints have been a hit this season.

Go light, go airy. Go spring! If you are bored of your same look everyday, try wearing costume wigs with your newly found fashion clothing and be the rockstar or the corporate guy you always wanted to be!

What’s your Spring fashion strategy? Do you plan for it or just find something lighter to wear when it gets cold?


Brenda Lyttle is a fashion and beauty expert as well as a freelance writer. She recommends that if you are becoming too conscious of your growing age reflecting on your skin, you can try out some great anti-aging products for men by Olay to ward off any unwanted signs of aging and look as charismatic as ever.
  • Craig Mills

    I never think of Spring until it’s too late for me to buy new stuff. Thanks for the tips. 

    • That’s easy to do. I find myself in the same situation.

  • Mark Jeffress

    I’m not sure I agree with the board shorts prediction. Too many people have a lot invested in the loud long shorts for them to go away anytime soon. 

    • Agree with you on that one. It will take a few years before we’ll no longer see guys with the long shorts.

    • Rio

      Just because people are still wearing board shorts still doesn’t defeat the fact they are no longer in style and shouldn’t be worn. 

  • Always enjoy the men’s fashion here Maurilio, thank you for this one Brenda!!

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