I Did Not Get Here on My Own: My Turn to Make Deposits


“How did I get here?” I thought to myself yesterday as I was hanging Christmas lights in front of my home. It was not as much an existential question but one of introspection and thinking through my life journey. It didn’t take long to answer it, however. First I thought of how faithful God has been to me over the years. Since the day I decided to leave my parents in Brazil and go to Bible College in America, God has been the only constant, never disappointing force in my life. But then I thought of the people whose lives I have intersected over the years and whom have been such a blessing, encouragement and friends to me. I know I could not have the life I have today without their deposits in me.

Be a Blessing Maurilio

Early on during my college days, I had families “adopt” and take me in their homes when I trip to Brazil was just not possible. I was mentored by godly men and women and loved by strangers who became dear friends. God’s provision oftentimes came in human form. These were gracious people who found time in their busy days to give of themselves, and often their resources, to help shape my life, and, therefore, shape he live I know lead. My children now benefit from their kindness and generosity.

This morning I’m taking inventory and praying for those who have shaped me. But I’m also challenged to think of the people whose paths are crossing mine right now. I’m compelled to be a blessing for them.

My challenge today is to make deposits into the lives of those whose paths cross mine and to give them a chance to look back a few years from now and ask the same question I did yesterday, “how did I get here?”

Who came to mind as you read this? What kind of deposit are you compelled to make?

  • barrylandis

    Maurilio, I'll never forget the comment made by Steven Covey in Seven Habits along these lines: From time to time, you have to make "withdrawals" (disciplining your children, requiring extra time from co-workers, etc) from other people around you–which is possible as long as you have made enough "deposits". It sort of works like a bank account!

    • Covey's book made a deep impact on me when it first came out. The idea of deposits before withdrawals is such an important concept. Thank you for the reminder.

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  • Hi
    Is there a timeframe an Employer needs to adhere to when making these deposits? Are there any rules?

  • mo

    I’ve been mentoring a new Christian for a few months now, and it’s been awesome 🙂 makes you appreciate how important your own witness is when someone else is watching.

  • Mo.

    I've been mentoring a new Christian for a few months now, and it's been awesome 🙂 makes you appreciate how important your own witness is when someone else is watching.

    • New Christians rock. I love hanging out with them and watching their zeal and passion for God grow.

  • good post. thanks for all you are doing.

  • Sally Epps

    I have a co-worker that’s going through a tough time and after reading this, I’m convicted to help more. 
    Thank you for this post

  • I really like this post!  Being in my mid 20’s and in a place of transition, I’ve had a lot of generosity poured onto me recently.  It’s hard in our society to accept this sometimes, often feeling like we have to repay or kindly say “No” even if saying yes would make a huge difference.  Allowing yourself to receive allows others to give. It’s a good thing. Something I have learned is just what you talked about in your post, to hold onto the generosity people have shown you & remember how it feels, because one day the tables will turn and I will be a lot farther over on the giving side than the receiving side. My hope is that more people (in all generations, but mostly mine and the ones below me) hold onto this & intentionally find ways to pay forward what they’ve been given.  We walk a fine line of expecting people to always help us & that leads to ungratefulness and entitlement.

    I also like the statement you made that God has been the most constant, never disappointing force in your life. So good.  So true…

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