A Guy’s Guide: What to Wear to the Holiday Party


It’s Christmas-party time and guys are always wondering what to wear to our favorite holiday celebrations. Here’s a quick guide on looking your best this Christmas.

Sweaters are back. But think twice before getting your old Christmas Sweater out. Well, do everyone a favor and go ahead and donate it to GoodWill.

 Christmas sweaters

For the love of all that's good, have some dignity and please say "NO" to the Christmas sweater

velvet Jacket

A nice velvet jacket is a great option for a holiday party and can be dressed up or down with slacks or jeans.

turtle neck and jacket

A red turtle neck under a jacket can say "festive" without saying "tacky"

tuxedo Jacket and jeans

A tuxedo jacket and jeans combination is a fun way to dress up and be casual at the same time. The skinny tie takes it to a whole new cool level.

How do you dress for your Christmas/holiday parties?

  • Rickkautz

    But if I give my sweaters away, what will I wear to the tacky Christmas sweater party?

    • Rick, I’m not sure I want to go to a tacky Christmas sweater party. 🙂

  • The guys in the sweaters look so much happier….

    Ah, the bliss of ignorance.

  • Company Christmas (“Holiday”) party next weekend and I’m agreeing with the red turtleneck guy. 

    Except I’m gonna wear a hunter green-ish BRepublic v-neck instead of the turtleneck. 

    And my pants are silver.

    Um, no I guess I’m not agreeing with red turtleneck guy… 

    All the pics were great and most helpful! Thanks Maurilio–just followed you on Twitter too

    • Now, nothing says “Christmas Party” like sliver pants. Rock on.

  • So where can you buy a velvet jacket?

    • I got mine from Beau Brummel in NYC. I hear Nordstrom’s has some great looking ones.

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