Fall to Winter Looks for Guys


Some of you have asked me lately what are some looks that can easily transition from Fall to Winter. I have put together options that would work for most men and are not too “out there.” While these are expensive name brands, you can find similar options most any place. Just take the inspiration from the designers and go hunt for a bargain. If you look hard, you’d be surprise of the stuff you can find at places like T.J.Maxx and Stein Mart.



This chunky D&G navy and white turtleneck makes a bold statement. If you're carrying extra pounds, you might want to stay away from bold horizontal stripes.


Add a jolt to your black coats by wearing a bright scarf. This bright orange Louis Vuitton scarf brings life to an otherwise dull coat.


You don't have to be doing an impression of Mr. Rogers to don a cardigan. The D&G shetland yellow stripped cardigan looks great with a skinny tie and spread-collar shirt


I'm a big fan of the subtle plaid suits.They make a statement without being too trendy. This Hermes has a great cut and will look good for several years to come.


never mind the neon orange pants. Great skinny tie and sport jacket combination.


Every guy needs at least one leather jacket during the cold months. But nothing makes you look more like a tough guy than a great motocross jacket, even if you don't ride. This Trussardi is killer.


I'm a Paul Smith fan. Putting together jeans, a sweater and a tux jacket, you can "dress up casual." Don't be afraid to mix some of your formal and casual wear. After all, how often do you wear a tuxedo?

What’s your favorite look in this collection?

  • I love the cardigan and skinny tie. (I still need to get down to Brentwood and try to find the ones you told me about).  I’m on the hunt for some nice sweaters for this winter, definitely want a cool black turtleneck.  I’ve also been eyeing tuxedo jackets.

    So I guess pretty much, All of the above.

    • I’ve seen great sweaters at the Hugo Boss store in Dallas. They are not cheap, however. I’d say T.J. Max is still looking like your best bet.

  • Mark Jefress

    Love the leather jacket. Will be looking for one soon.

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