Turtlenecks Are Back with a Punch


Turtleneck sweaters are one of those winter basics that never go out of style. Every man should have a basic black turtleneck. This Fall the turtle returns, but not in the supporting role of years’ past, but as a leading piece. Texture and bold, jewel-tone colors make this season’s version stand out. When paired with an dark suit or jacket, a bright turtleneck can breathe life back in to the drab black-on-lack from past seasons.


A Cavalli turle with an tone-on-tone jacket. Matching tone-on-tone can be tricky. There's a fine line between hit and miss.


Maison Martin Margiela uses the burnt orange turtle to breathe life into an otherwise monochromatic and bland color pallet.


Another Margiela combo paring a double breasted jacket with a turtle. The collar is too big and bulky for my taste. I prefer a smaller, more streamlined one.


Yes you can pair black with brown. This Ralph Lauren ensemble works well.

Are you a fan of the turtle neck?

  • Turtlenecks were the bane of my existence as a kid. Never again.

    The sweater might be one exception.

    • I hated turtlenecks as a kid as well. It felt like someone was trying to strangle me the whole time I had it on or the wool kind was prickly and scratchy.

      • I think a comedian does a bit on turtle necks.
        “It’s like getting choked by a really weak guy all day”

  • Mark Jeffress

    I really like turtlenecks. Besides color, have your seen any other difference in this season’s releases? 

    • I have noticed that the new sweaters and turtlenecks are a lot thinner than in previous years. I’ve bought some from Hugo Boss and Ted Baker that are very comfortable. They are either a very light wool or a wool/elastane mix is very comfortable and work well in multiple layers.

  • Tina

    I like them, but my hubby hates them.  On the other hand, they hide that incredibly sexy point on the neck where your neck muscles meet your collar bone, so maybe an open collar is better, hmmm?

    • If your husband hates and they and the hide a part of him that turns you on, I say, stay away from them.

  • I agree.  It’s hard to look bad in a turtleneck.  Though it presents a problem as to where I can hang my glasses.  Maybe I can find a matching case to go with it…. or maybe just velcro.  Yeah, that’d be classy!

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