The Rise of the Embroidered Pants


One of the most conservative men’s clothing brands is selling some of the most outrageous slacks in the marketplace. We all expect leather pants from Dolce and Gabbana or skinny jeans from Diesel, but these pants are coming from Brooks Brothers. Who knew?!

 Brooks Brothers BROWN pants

It's chocolate brown and has different dogs embroidered all over it.

Brooks brothers pink male pants

If bright pink is not enough attention, these pants also featured the embroidered whales.

 plaid, santa pants MULTI brooks brothers

This collection is not just for summer fun. You can wear them all through the holidays with this plaid version featuring embroirdered Santas. Yep.

What’s your take on the embroidered pants? Guys would you wear them? Ladies, would you buy them for your guy?

  • I don’t know, but that is a bad choice of words:  “RISE of the embroidered pants” with a closeup of a man’s crotch…just sayin’.

    • Chris Spradlin

      now that is funny!!

  • Laurie

    Only in coordination with the super cheesy sweater tied around the shoulders..

  • Sheri

    They would look OK on the golf course. Especially the bright pink ones 😉

    • The golf course is the only place I might ever consider wearing them.

  • Chris Spradlin

    not sure if I could pull these off, but I really want a pair!

    • Go to and order you a pair and let me know how you like them.

  • Christian

    Looks like these dudes were chowing down on a box of animal crackers like Cookie Monster from Sesame St., and forgot to wipe their lap.

    On the anger scale from 0-10, these pants turn me in to Chris Brown. 

  • Jennifer

    I (female) wore these back in the 80s and I kinda remember they were available for men too. My aunt dressed my uncle in some serious pre-preppy clothes for the golf course and I think he had a pair. Personally I love them but my husband would never be caught dead in them(on or off the golf course) and he would most likely be embarrassed if I were to wear them (as would my teenagers).  I think it would take a lot of courage and confidence for a guy to wear them–a choice he should make on his own (not because his wife bought them). 🙂

    • Like I say, if you’re not comfortable with clothing, then don’t wear it.

  • Davegipson

    A sure sign of the coming Apocalypse…

    • Anonymous

      that’s too funny. 

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  • Geo

    they are a summer staple in Newport (New England area) for all ages. there are also fun in the holidays. 

  • Peggy

    My husband has two holiday pairs.  He is the talk of the party.  He says he doesn’t like them …but puts them on without me even asking.  I think he needs a pair for St. Patty’s day too!  I wish I had a pair too!

  • ncywksy

    My husband is 70 and has worn embroidered pants and bright plaid pants to cocktail parties for years. The women always loved them and the men were envious of the attention he garnered. My 30ish son is now wearing those my husband has outgrown and receives the the same reactions that my husband did. Only now,the men admit they admire him!

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