Getting a Handle on Life Storms


The storm was at full force by the time I finished my run. All I could see were dark clouds, lighting and rain all around me. It always amazes me how storms come out of nowhere, and in a matter of minutes can wreak so much havoc. Life’s storms often behave the same way.

Perspective on LIfe storm

You’re going through your daily routine and then there’s a call or a text message and everything changes. As if you were out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine and before you knew, the skies turned to gray and a storm catches you by surprise. Do you know what I’m talking about? If you live long enough you will. Those moments are not easily forgotten. I remember conversations, texts and calls where in an instance, everything changed. Words like “accident, I’m leaving, this is not working out, you’re overdrawn” have a way to instantly create a huge downpour on our sunny day.

But I also noticed something about storms. They don’t last forever. Some last long enough to do a lot of damage, but they eventually go away. By their own nature, storms are never permanent. My natural tendency is to forget that. No matter how many storms I have gone through, once I’m caught in one, I tend to live in the moment making long-term decisions during a short-term crisis.

I’m not sure you’re going through a personal storm right now. We are either in one, coming out of one or waiting for one to pop up. But here’s how I have been handling them:

1. Take care of the immediate.

2. Don’t make long-term decisions to fix short-term problems.

3. Learn from the experience.

4. Understand another storm will come. It’s not a matter of “if”, but of “when.”

5. Enjoy life during the sunny days knowing you’ll be better prepared for the next one.

How did you handle your last storm?

  • Great post Maurilio, we can be pretty certain there will be more storms on the journey. 

    I’ve always found it difficult to…

    “Consider it a pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” James 1:2

    Finding joy during the storm in life is like being pump about running in a lightning storm…

    I can do it only knowing that He is with me 🙂

    • Chris, 
      The only way I’ll run in a lightening storm is if I get caught in one, and then I’m running to cover. I agree with you that “considering joy during a storm” is easily said than done.

      • you’re right, we need to sprint for cover (while remembering and praying James 1:2) 🙂

  • Jon Fish

    Great advice.  Not sure that I always handle my storms well.  This isn’t my last storm but the biggest storm i faced was my wife’s illness in which the worse case kept happening over and over.  at one point she ended up having 3 surgeries within 7 days.  I remembering sitting at the top of the hospital parking garage sure that i would never bring her home.  As i looked across the cloudy sky, a glimmer of sun broke through and it was my glimmer of hope.  Long story, but God touched her and she is amazing today.
    What i learned through it all was to just focus on one day at a time, deal with today, do not worry about tomorrow or what you will do months from now, get through today!  And of course, try as hard as you can to look to God and trust him (sometimes easy said then done in the storm)

    • Great insight Jon. Thanks for sharing your story and I’m glad your wife is doing well.

  • I could do better at handling #4.  Not ‘if’, but ‘when’.  A little breathing room between storms is nice, though!  One of the things I have been trying to share with my kids and do better myself.  Worry about the things(storms) I have control over, not the ones I don’t.  Leave those to God.

  • Thanks for adding to my own list principles. I appreciate your thoughts.
    When my wife was told her tumor was cancerous. The storm hit our family quite hard. Here’s a shortened list of how I got through one work day.

    1. Get up and walk around at least once every hour. This refocuses and clears my head. Refilling my water bottle or coffee cup provides me with a good excuse.
    2.Lie a little, it’s OK. A quick “I’m fine” is an adequate response to the 20th inquiry “How are you guys, really?”Not everyone needs to know all the facts or emotional details.
    3. Share appropriate information with my team mates. Keep them informed. Think of all the reasons why they deserve to know. Daily they amaze me with loving support
    and prayers.
    4. Pray often – take time to centre in on one truth – meditating on it changes perspective even if that same project is staring me down on the screen. I personally enjoy this one, “God is love.”
    5. Finish something before lunch and then again before you go home. As corny as it sounds when life becomes unmanageable it can be therapeutic to empty the inbox or make that call back you have been putting off.
    6. Schedule one healthy interaction with a good friend outside the office this week. These days my wife and kids easily become the most important objects of all my attention. Still I need to unwind too. I need to verbally process my emotions. Keep exercising – even exercise seems more selfish than it did before. Yet a good jog or bike ride renew hope and resets my sense of resolve.

    There are some out there that would say we must separate work from life’s reality completely. I don’t think that is at all possible.

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