Summer Essentials: Sunglasses


No summer wardrobe is fully complete without the perfect pair of sunglasses. Guys, the good news it that there are a lot of different styles that you could wear that are in vogue these days. There’s a resurgence for the third time of the RayBan’s Wayfarer as well as strong come back of the Aviator. But before you choose you frame, here’s a few things to consider:

If you have a long face you should stay away from “droopy” frames and go with something of a more horizontal nature. While the Aviator might be making a come back, it might not be a come back for you.

If you have a large head beware of frames that are too small for you. They will make your head look even bigger.

If your face is round stay away from round frames. You’ll accentuate your “roundness” and will end up looking like a living “happy face.”

If you have a small head, wraparounds and large frames will make you look like a child who borrowed his dad’s glasses.

Ray ban sunglasses

Classic Ray Ban frames are always in style.


These Ferragno glasses work well if you're confident, bold, European, or all them. The timid cannot pull this one off.

noah-mills-Dolce & Gabbana eyewear

Great choice for Noah MIlls. If you have a small head or long face you should pass on these.

Sunglasses Depp men

These Clubmaster inspired shades never go out of style and tend to look good on most everyone. Mr. Depp makes it work. Well, he makes most everything work including dreadlocks.

White shades men

Guys are sporting white shades everywhere these days. Just say NO and thank me later.

What style is your current sunglasses? Are you thinking of a change for the summer?

  • Christopher Mitchum

    I have square frames that I like now but I have seen a lot of younger guys wearing very large Wayfarers. Do you think that a guy in mid 30’s can pull that off?

    • I’m not sold on the oversize Wayfarer look yet. I find it hard even to like it on teenagers. So I would be careful with them. Get them large, but not oversize.

  • Bob

    I’m wearing Pradas and they are more of the European wrap look. But I’m looking for something different. I’m think about going back to the Clubmasters. 

    • Clubmasters have been a favorite of mine from my college days. They tend to look great on most everyone. Go try a pair on.

  • Daniel

    Try the new school RayBan wafers. Its a classic look and you won’t see too many wearing them. The old school will recognize you for it and the new school will adapt.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could pull of the aviator style, love them, but my face doesn’t allow it.

    I have to stick with a sharper, more square frame, I have worn these for a while now:

    LOVE Wayfarers, being born in 73, they are classic – until donned by a hipster. (no hipsters were harmed in the saying of that phrase)

    • Don’t let the hipsters hijack the Wayfarers. Take them back.

  • Mitch Bolton

    Doh! I just bought some white shades.

    • Do you have the receipt? 🙂

      • Tony_tony_84

        hi Mr. Maurillio Amorim. I’ve been looking for the exact model of the D&G sunglasses Noah Mills is wearing.  Is there any way you could help me out? I would really appreciate it…

  • Swsamwalsh

    My current (and classic) style are Ray Ban inspired shades, which I feel like every girl and guy are wearing right now. I think I’m going to switch if up from the plastic frame style to square aviator sunglasses , like the ones you feature in your first picture. Thanks for the suggestion in the switch-up, I’m definitely doing something new.

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  • Tony_tony_84

    does anyone know the exact model of the sunglasses (Dolce & Gabbana) Noah Mills is wearing??? 

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