Summer Essentials Part 1: Shoes


Nothing says summer more than the right shoes. Recently, men’s casual shoes options have grow beyond flip flops and boat shoes. But if you’re going to sport some sweet summer footwear you should keep a few dos and don’ts in mind.


  • Clean your feet. Cut your toenails. I know it’s obvious, but it needs to be said. I’ve seen some of your feet. If you’re gutsy, go a step further and have a pedicure. Your feet and those who look at it will thank you.
  • Have more than one pair of flip flops
  • Pair sockless dress shoes with jeans or even shorts. This is a bold move and for the fashion forward. You can’t be timid and pull this off.
  • Have fun with bold colors


  • Wear your ratty flip flops to work. When in doubt don’t wear it.
  • Wear socks with your sandals (even if you’re European, this is America)
  • Wear black slacks with light-colored footwear unless it’s jeans. Very few people can pull that look off. If you have to ask someone if it looks good, then don’t do it.

Dean Mcdermott pedicure summer feet

Dean McDermott is secure enough not only to get his pedi, but also get color on his nails. If you don't live in Hollywood and are married to a star, I would stay away from nail polish.

shorts dress shoes and no socks

This is not for everyone, but this look is growing on me. If you're in your 20's and early 30's you'll look fashionable. If you're in your 40's, you'll look like a dufus.

preppy shorts and shoes

Preppy is making a strong come back with the college and young career crowd. Boat shoes work great with all things preppy.

What’s your favorite summer footwear?

  • I love to wear my Cole Haan loafers with no socks…nice look plus I feel comfy in them.

  • Chris Johnson

    u00a0I love the sockless look, but how you keep the shoes from smelling bad at the end of the day?u00a0

    • u00a0Here’s what I would do: don’t wear a pair a shoes more than one day at a time. That’s a good rule of thumb regardless if you’re wearing socks or not. Shoes need to breath and regain their shape. nnUse a cedar shoetree. They help to hold your shoe’s shape and draw odor. nnNewspaper is a cheap option to draw moisture from shoes. Stuff your shoes with newspaper and it will get your shoes dry faster.

  • Andrew Stephens

    u00a0I love spectator shoes. Are they still fashionable?u00a0

    • u00a0Spectator shoes are making a come back. They’re usually cover with linen or canvas, so the organic nature goes well with today’s sensitivities.

  • Anonymous

    You had me until you said “wear socks with your sandals” – Hello Boca Vista.u00a0

    • u00a0Remember that’s a “don’t” in this country.

      • Anonymous

        u00a0Remember, its Friday and I am tired. Thank you for pointing that out, all I saw was Seinfeld yelling at his dad. Great post!

  • What’s up with the foot odor thing? (this is absolutely a guy issue but one that must be overcome). My favorite summeru00a0footwear isu00a0slides but they haveu00a0some limitations away from a beach community.nnExcellentu00a0Post!!!u00a0

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