My Mother’s Day Strategy


Sunday is mother’s day. Somehow my boys, 16 and 12 still rely on dad to make sure mom has a good day. So as I was thinking of how to make the day more special for their mom, and my wife, I decided to share them with you.

First I got a hold of a great book from best selling author, Dr. Meg Meeker “10 Habits of a Happy Mother.” Dr. Meeker is a Pediatrician, mother and best-selling author of six books. She is the country’s leading authority on parenting, teens and children’s health. I even thought about buying one for my mother as well until I realized that she doesn’t read English and the book is not available in Portuguese. (You can win a free copy today by stopping by Dr. Meeker’s blog ). But beyond the book gift, I also thought of some more personal ways to make Gwen feel special on mother’s day:

Meg Meeker Habits of Happy Mothers

Cooking her favorite meal. She loves my lemon linguine with cheddar chicken.

Not asking her to pull my finger for an entire day. Who said I can’t sacrifice for those whom I love?

Cleaning the house in my underwear. (Ok, the underwear part is for me and not her.)

Getting the boys not to argue for an entire day. Who am I kidding? If I could do that I would have my own TV show.

Buying fresh flowers instead of taking some of the neighbors’ roses. (Don’t judge me, I was desperate last year).

Forgoing my daily reminder of how blessed she is to have me as a husband.

How are you making your mother/wife feel special this weekend?

  • Spending time with them. That is more important than any gift I could give them. Time just to enjoy each other and appreciate each of them.

    • That’s the best gift a son can give his mother, not matter his age. Great point @adamptucker:disqus n

  • You’re a gem, Maurilio.

  • You’re a gem, Maurilio.

    • I’m not sure Gwen would use “gem” to describe me, but thanks so much @not2lindsay:disqus n

      • I might have been using a *touch* of sarcasm… 😉 At least in regards to these specific plans. 🙂

      • Christian

        She misspelled “germ”.

  • Christian

    Gwen deserves a nomination for saint hood. Bless her dear Lord, that her cup of patience runneth over and that she may be blessed with short term memory and voice selective deafness.

    • @3fad815bac2b09c1df7407fe11924003:disqus She’s got the selective deafness going already since she ignores most of my complaints, uh, comments, that is. n

  • You crack me up!nn n

    • Glad I’m good for something, @facebook-1294564746:disqus n

  • Lori

    Most enjoyable…but a “strategy” for Mother’s Day? That in itself needs analysis… 🙂

  • LLibby

    Once again your sage wisdom is shining! Your suggestions are time tested my friend.

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