White Belt: A Guys’ Guide for Wearing it Well


The white belt has been a men’s fashion accessory for a long time. In the past, it has been paired exclusively with summer white linen pants or shorts and white shoes. However, in the recent years, it has become a trend in men’s fashion beyond polo matches or resort wear. Unfortunately some guys are violating the white belt rules.

White belt violation

So many infractions on one single incident!

Here’s some rules to keep in mind:

1.     No white belt with black shoes

2.     No white belt with pleats (no pleats…period)

3.     No white belt with black plants

4.     No white belt if your belly covers the buckle

white belt tshirt tucked

Same white belt a whole difference effect. This guy is rocking the belt with the t-shirt tucked in to showcase the buckle.

white belt gray jeans

Nice pairing with gray jeans.

White belt white pants

More of a traditional usage of the white belt: white pants and linen.

How do you feel about the white belt?

  • Those of us who remember the last white belt trend will be slow adopters. Would you like to see my picture with the white belt, plaid bellbottoms, and butterfly bow tie? 1975 was a tough year.

  • TTime to but a white belt…love those looks!

  • i agree, some of these looks you’ve posted are good… but i’m just not ready to invest in a white belt. maybe no belt… and “go commando” would do instead?

    • Chris, I would not go commando unless you’re wearing an un-tucked shirt.

  • Waer

    Rule one and two I agree, rule three is debateable.  Grey and white, smokey blue and white, brown and white – all of those look good, but it seems like it’s attempt to tone down the white, in which case… why use white?  Black and white can work, but it depends on the pant, the shirt, the jacket and style.  Making high contrast work takes a little skill.  Rule four, Hmm.  Just like anyone else large people can be fashionably aware, but it’s a function of their overall personal style.  At that point, size becomes an element rather than an undesirable excess.

  • Fashion addict

    Rule number 1 says no white belt with black shoes… did anyone notice the shoes on the second pic?
    I personally like the combination.
    The secret is to not buy a cheap belt.
    I have one from Chanel and another from Dior…
    And remember nothing says Aldo like white shoes! So don’t wear them!

  • Rusty Spoon

    I’m just wondering why anybody would be wearing “black plants” anyways…

    • Andrew

      Uhm, because some of us like wearing all black?

    • Joseph Mentor Nichols

      He’s wearing an employee badge. My guess is that he’s at work which requires him to wear black pants and pleats. He probably threw in the white belt just to add some personality to his otherwise mundane uniform. Though, most dress codes also call for a Black Belt.

  • Austinsmerchant

    I wear my white belt with navy converse, grey or red shorts, and a v-neck. Stylin’

  • Jenny

    Lol, I bought a pair of mens belts from Satayapaul for him a few days ago, black and a white one. Well he will never use white belt on black pant, but anyway thanks for other advice’s.

  • Oswald Cordeiro

    Maurillo doesn’t make sense. Black pants are perfect for a white belt. And Yes, there’s nothing wrong with BLACK shoes with a white belt. And what does he mean “No white belt if your belly covers the buckle” — This tell me a lot about author!

  • Byron Duncan


    I like the look of blue jeans, white belt and grey shirt on top. What do you all think of this guy in an alpha belt?

    • That looks good. I would just make sure I’m not wearing dark leather shoes. That needs to go with more casual shoes.

  • The fashion seems very old. Anyway I like that white belt specially.


  • The blog post is very old. Nowadays wearing a white belt is not in trend. But my younger brother still uses a white belt with his denim jeans and chinos, and honestly speaking he looks great in that outfit.

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  • I still use my old white belt occasionally but honestly speaking don’t like that at all.

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