What Do You Give Someone Who Has Everything?


“You are a very hard person to buy for. You have everything you need,” said a good friend looking at me as to say, “you’re spoiled.” Well, he’s right. I have everything I need. As a matter of fact I would go even one step further to say I have most things I want. Yes, I’m spoiled. While I don’t consider myself financially wealthy, I should since, by the world’s standards, most of us living in America would be labeled “rich.” So the question of the hour turned into a simple and yet practical one: What do you give someone who has everything? While the discussion was general in nature, it was clearly addressed at me. The more narrow translation would be “Maurilio, what can anyone give you that you either don’t have or wouldn’t go out and buy it for yourself if you wanted it?” So I thought for a few seconds before I answered it. Here’s what I came up with.

What do you give someone who has everything?

I want the things money can’t buy:

The companionship of a friend.

An encouraging text message

An unexpected call

An affirming email

A handwritten note

A trip around the Virgin Island in your private Yacht (Ok, technically, MY money can’t buy this)

People who have everything know that the “thing” part of “everything” is a trap. I’m glad I got this one figured out. Things don’t make me happy anymore. Well, they never did, but for a good long part of my life, I thought they did and I pursued them. Being able to share life in a meaningful way with those whom I love and care for make my day. These  unforgettable exchanges are the most precious gifts you can ever give someone who has everything.

What’s the best gift anyone can give you?

  • Encouragement for sure. It is so motivating.

  • Mark McPeak

    Exatamente meu amigo!

  • Pretty much the same stuff you listed above:nnThe companionship of a friend.nAn encouraging text messagenAn unexpected callnAn affirming emailnA handwritten notennAnd I would add – a homecooked meal (as a bachelor, it’s the easiest way to my heart!)

    • Since I’m a pretty good cook and if I cook for someone, they get intimidated about cooking for me. So I usually don’t get any food from my friends.

  • Anonymous

    Great words friend.nI am trying to figure out how to send it to everyone I know. Oh, wait, I need to be the one giving these things, not just receiving them.

    • Great point. Someone wise once said, “give and you shall receive.”

  • A great post and a great question.nThe best thing anyone can give me is their time. I like going to the movies, concerts or just out for coffee.nnI’ll take an iTunes or Amazon gifcard in a pinch. 🙂

  • Shari

    Attention.nTime is good, but being fully present with 100% attention – now that’s a gift.n

    • And if you get a guy to do that, it’s priceless. 🙂

      • Shari

        Absolutely right! nGreat post, by the way… I always enjoy your writing, however this week your posts have been especially thought-provoking and excellent.

  • A sincere, loving hug.

  • Ironicmom

    Great question. I’d say, “an experience.” A hike in a new area. Dinner at a new restaurant.

  • My grandparents gave me a very large check when I graduated HS. Somehow I managed to make it last 4 years. Didn’t have to work or scrounge or anything in college. It impacted my life deeply in the long run.

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