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Every interaction you have with a potential client is critical if you want to establish a good relationship and eventually get the account. I firmly believe that you should value your input and expertise and charge for it adequately (I have blogged about it here.) However, I also believe that with each exchange with a promising new account you should find a way to add value in a way that cements in the other person’s mind the need for your services. Here’ s how I do it.

how to close a deal

I listen to their story. No matter what field of work you are in, people do business with other people and not just faceless entities. In order to be able to offer help, you need to know what’s important to the person you’re talking to, not only what’s needed in his or her business. These are often two different things. Sometimes you have to bridge the gap between what people “think” they need and their true needs. I use to assume that people knew what they needed and quickly tried to connect what I did with their needs. I  didn’t work. I came across as an overly eager sales guy. You even know what they need, always listen and try to figure out what your audience’s hot buttons truly are.

I scratch their itch. I have heard many times “I need a better website.” While that might be true, that, most likely, is not his primary need. Often business and ministries need a better digital strategy in order to drive the specs for a great website. I start where they are and hopefully help them see where they need to be. There’s nothing more powerful than asking questions in order to get people thinking about their assumptions. “Ultimately, what do you want this website to do that’s not currently doing?”

I give them the unexpected. That’s where you can make the most impact and where your experience and expertise can pay the most dividends during sales. Phrases like “In my experience, I have seen this type of results. . . ” or “have you consider this type of action? It has worked well for . . . “.  These “freemiums”  of consulting have helped me close deals. It communicates to my soon-to-be client that I can bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table and that she needs me and my team on her court.

How are you at closing deals?

  • Probably my strong suit and a good list here Maurilio.nnOne thing you could even add would be to Ask the Best Questions. When listening to their story, it is a crucial time to delve into why they need you and get down to the deep down root of those needs. Asking the best and toughest questions deepens the relationship and also generates a very clear picture of need.

  • Julie Rodrigues

    I’m terrible at it. I feel like I’m imposing on people if I ask them to commit to anything.

  • Christian

    I try to educate prospective patients on their condition as much as possible, and then we discuss their 3 options: 1) leave it alone and maybe it will get better/worse, 2) take drugs to cover “it” up, or 3) get it fixed. The better they understand their problem, and the consequences of each option (detriment/benefit), then the better apt they are to make the right decision.nnIf at that point they still choose either option 1 or 2, then shaming laughter and finger pointing work very well.

    • Shaming, laughter and finger pointing were next on my list. Awesome.

  • Closing the deal, for me, is understanding the art of woo. Like you said, listening to hear triggers and then playing to them. Sometimes it’s what the client doesn’t say that speaks the loudest but you have to be able to read between the lines. nnI’m also found that not being “needy” helps to close deals. Being willing to state your rate and walk away if they say no gives a value proposition to them that says you are confident in your services and value.

  • I’ve got to get better at closing. How many smoothies would it cost me to get a personal closing-educational-session with the Closer himself?

    • Last time I checked you’re not allowed to give away smoothies any more.

  • By the way, I found this article because I googled “How to close sales deals.” Imagine my surprise (though I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise) when your blog popped up on the first page.

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