How to Tie a Skinny Tie


With the return of the skinny tie to men’s fashion, I’m asked often what’s the best knot for it. Lately I have helped friends, family and even a men’s apparel store salesman with their tie tying issues (he had trouble with a bow tie, however). Personally I like to use the four-in-hand  or the Half Windsor knot for the skinny tie. The Full Windsor is too bulky and looks dumb on a thin tie. Also, I would not recommend the Full Windsor unless you are wearing a spread collar shirt that allows for the larger, bulkier knot. Here’s a couple of videos on how to tie two of the most popular knots.

Four in hand knot fashion friday hot to tie a skinny tie

half windsor tie knot fashion friday

What’s your favorite knot? How do you feel about the skinny tie come back?

  • Jeff Rodrigues

    Thanks for posting this Maurilio. I wasn’t sure how I should tie one.

  • Robert

    Is the skinny tie most suitable for thin guys? Would it look bad on someone of a bigger frame?

  • Robert, a skinny tie 1.5-2.5″ is suitable for thin guys. Someone with a bigger frame would look better proportioned with a 2.5″ tie, which is still considered narrow. You can check more here: width should actually relate to your suits lapel width, more than anything. They should be about the same size, so if you have skinny lapels you should wear a skinny tie.

  • I really like Fashion Friday. I haven’t ever tried the skinny tie myself, but might be tempted now. nnI would love to see a post on how to pick a well-fitting pair of pants that aren’t jeans. I just don’t even know where to start w/ khakis, etc. nnThanks!

    • That’s a good idea for a post. That would be a good video post. I’ll keep that in the idea bank, Jeremy.

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