Waking Up Guilty


I saw this video a couple of weeks ago and it impacted me more than many sermons on the subject I have heard over the years. It’s not only powerful but a work of art as well.

Short Film produced about the immediate emotions of waking up the morning after an affair.

What kind of emotions did you feel after watching it?

  • Barry Whitlow

    Fantastic video Maurilio – perfect video to show in church. ‘Showing’ the results of sin using the most powerful communication form on earth (video) is so much more powerful than just ‘telling’ about it. There are so many amazing producers out there like Jonathan that just need more reasons to produce and more places (more churches) to show their content.

  • Shantzster

    Thanks for posting this Maurilio. The emotions I felt when I watched it were sadness and dread. I never want to be that guy looking in the mirror. In many ways I would rather be dead. I know an affair would forever change me and the guilt would never leave. I know what I’m made of and this video is a good reminder of the outcome of spilt passion and temporal pleasure.

    • “The affair would forever change me.” That’s such a true and powerful statement.

  • Maui

    The emotion I felt was shame. When he said that he wouldn’t tell anyone, I’m sure he knows deep down that he cannot hide this from God or the enemy.

  • Art

    Last week I went to club to see a artists a friend had recommended. I saw another friend of mine there with her mom. The artist did a song about “the walk of shame”. The mother commented that not a single woman who goes to bars couldn’t relate to that song. I thought ‘good job mom,’ and ‘I am so never dating your daughter.’ nOne of the very few paths I have never gone down.

  • Very moving. I felt horror. I can’t say it any better than Shantzster. Although I’m not married, applying this film’s idea to sex before marriage reminds me of the same dreadful feeling/realization that it’s just not worth it. nnThanks for posting this.

    • Rodger, nI hope you stay strong and always remember that’s “not worth it.” Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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