The Skinny Tie is Back!


The skinny tie is back. The thin, streamlined tie was popular during the 50’s and 60’s then made a brief come back during the mid 80’s in the form of the knit or sock tie. However, it’s now back and I believe it’s here to stay for a while. Justin Timberlake has been sporting one for the past couple of years now.

Rack pack and skinny tie

The Rat Pack made the skinny tie famous

Martin Luther King skinny tie

Even Dr. King don the skinny tie

Beetles and the skinny tie

The Beetles carried the skinny tie into the 60's

skinny tie hollywood

Hollywood has embraced the trend full force

skinny tie loose

You can wear it casually loose around the neck

skinny tie with vest

Another popular look is the skinny tie and vest combination with an untuck shirt

What’s your take on the skinny tie?

  • Wes

    Skinny tie is the only way I go now. I cringe when I see the extra wide ties anymore.

    • Wide ties are still the power tie of choice of NYC executives, however.

  • rejane

    This kind of tie is back. So…

  • i just don't know if I am cool enough to pull it off? i do remember having one back in the day w/ a keyboard on it…

    • Chris, you are unbelievably cool. Do the skinny tie and vest with untucked shirt.

      (You're thinking: Who is this person whom I don't know from Adam's dog? Answer: Just a guy whose family really dug your preaching when you were at LifeChurch and wish they could see you preach again.)


    • Chris, it looks like you have more fans than I do. Charles never said I was cool before. Oh, well.

  • Joseph

    Don't love it. Looks like you couldn't afford the whole tie 🙂

    • Joseph, it's not for everyone. Remember what I usually say: don't wear anything you don't feel comfortable. Be true to yourself.

  • I kind of dig the skinny tie. It is WAY better than skinny jeans (yikes!).
    I actually need to get most of my work shirts tailored (shout out to an earlier Fashion Friday post of yours) and would love to match them with some skinny ties.

    The office I work in is pretty casual and so I started Tie Tuesday to be fun. So far i's spreading throughout the building and I kind of like being a rebel of sorts for wearing a tie. Ran into the CEO one day and was glad I looked sharp.

    • A fashion rebel. You go dude! Carry on the fashion forward banner to the boring masses. 🙂

  • Bill

    The “Beetles”?! Ouch, dude.

  • Derek

    Love em’! My boss still wears the old fat ones-like late 90’s. Been trying to get my dad to go to the skinny tie but he hasn’t yet-I’ll keep working on him

  • Love the skinny tie. I have several myself and always enjoy wearing them.

    • I'm a fan as well. But just realized I only have a couple of them. Yet another excuse to go shopping. 🙂

  • I always thought the original neckware accessory for the disco era was the cravat. Can anyone remember those shirt/tie combinations where they were both made of the same material and usualy had an horrendous loud pattern decorating them? and whatever happened to 4 inch heeled shoes for men?

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