My Prayer to Become a River


People go to church for all kinds of reason. Some go to see and be seen, others go to reunite with family and friends, still others go to find their place in a community, a place they can belong. But a large part of us go to church because we want to hear from God and want to worship in the context of a community of faith. And as I thought about the times I needed God the most in my life, I was reminded of how often He used the people in the pews to speak hope to me.

On Becoming a River

It’s hard for me not to think of all I want to get from God this morning as I attend church. I’m embarrassed to admit, but I mostly go to church with the expectation of being blessed. There’s nothing wrong with expecting God to show up and do something amazing in one’s life. However, I seldom think of how I can be the instrument God uses to do something amazing in someone else’s life.

So my prayer today is a bit different. Yes, I do want to hear from God and worship with my faith family at my church, but I also want to be open to be a blessing, to be an answer to someone else’s prayer. Today I pray I’ll be like a river that flows water through itself blessing those along its banks instead of a reservoir where water only flows in and does not flow out. I pray I become I conduit of God’s blessings instead of just taking it all in and hoarding His blessings.

What’s your prayer today?

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  • Linda

    Thank you for this post. It convicted me of needing to become more like a river. I'm joining you in this prayer.

  • Robert Crowley

    I pray that God will help me be more outgoing and engage people. I'm an introvert and that sometimes come across as aloofness.

    • You can still be yourself and make a difference. God uses all types of personality. After all He created us uniquely gifted to fulfill His purposes on earth.

  • Amazing..I want to be a river too…a wide, deep one…thank you!

  • Thanks for reminding us that we ourselves will be refreshed, when we allow God to use us as the cool stream of water that refreshes others!

  • Nlwic

    This is awesome…this is the theme of our church for 2012…Thank you

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